Treating Arthritis Cats

By | June 6, 2017

Stray Alley Cats are Miracle Cure for Arthritis in South Korea

Undercover: Is this a warehouse that you use aloneéHealth Food Center owner: We only do the butchering here. Owner lifts up a tent. There is a big cage hidden underneath it. The cage is full of cats. But why are these cats hiddené Owner: The reason why we hide them is because people who likes animal gets upset. Cats are crowded into one corner. The owner selects a few of them and orders her butcher to “workâ€� on them. The butcher starts to take cats out of the cage using snare. Cat strangled with rope around her neck is trying to get away but she can't.

And then the “work� begins inside. The “work� means killing and getting cats ready to make into soup. Butchered cats are put into a big plastic basin. Butcher delivers the cats to the Health Food Center. At the Health Food Center, cats are washed and put into the pressure cooker in one piece. And then arthritis Chinese herbal medicine and water is poured into the cooker and boiled together. After boiling for almost 24 hours, the cat soup known to be the miracle cure for arthritis – becomes completed. The owner boasts about the effectiveness of the cat soup.

Owner: We will make it for you with care. We have a separate list of customers who order nothing but cats. The owner is showing us a notebook with the list of name of regular customers who only orders cat soup. We have customer who comes all the way from Busan through hearing our reputation. We have customers coming all the way from Seoul, Busan and even from Changryeong. The notebook has a list of customers, contact info and their order details.“Cat3, dog legs2, 160,000 Korean won ($150 USD) �“Only cats2� The owner boasts that their customer list is a proof that the cat soup is effective. Boiled for 24 hours, after squeezing everything including the bones, it becomes cat soup. They tell us the cats used for these soup are different.

Owner: These are not pet cats. They are stray cats. Undercover: Are they ok to eatéOwner: Dog farmers bring cats to us when they bring dogs.

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