Symptoms Of Lumbar Arthritis

By | January 3, 2017

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Best Joint Pain Supplements Best Joint Pain Relief Products Supplements For Joint Pain.

When to Have Surgery for Low Back Pain Orthopedic Spine Surgeon in Colorado

lower back pain experts estimate that merely eightyfivepercent of americans will suffer from it at some point though pain in the lower back or lumbarregion occurs for many reasons one of the most common causes is a herniated disc the low back otherwise known as a lumbar spine is a crucial part of your back because it's a lower structure that helps support us when we are sitting or standing throughout the day

the disc is sandwiched in between two vertebra the disc is the shock absorber of the spine it absorbs impact when you jump up and down it allows you to move and to rotate the reason why it's important to have the disc in between the lumbar spine is that when a disc degenerates it can degenerate enough where there is less spaceavailable for the nerves so not only do you get back pain you can also get nerve painwhich goes down to the legs

that can create a lot of problems you may haveleg pain that leads to weakness or the inability to do daily activities ruptured or herniated discs can be theresult of overuse injury or aging disc degeneration can certainly be causedby genetics a large portion of that it can also be caused by environmental factors we found that vibration can create discdegeneration because the constant loading and unloading of the disc can create anenvironment where the disc degenerates more easily

even tramatic injuries where falls fromheight or jumping off of the ski jump those can create disc degeneration also even something trivial or small suchas a small slip that may initially cause a herniationor disc bulge and can create a disc more susceptible toinjury down the road if there's a injury to the disc it doesn't heal so injuries are permanent and accumulate

treatment options vary depending on theseverity of the tear in the disc according to s about eightypercent of cases can be treated by conservative or non operative therapieshowever for those patients who require surgery there is an advanced new procedure called transforaminal lumbar interbodyfusion or TLIF it's a mouthful which really means that you're doing afusion of both the front of the spine

and the back of the spine through a verysmall incision in the center of the spine what it does is it allows the twovertebral bodies which are moving painfully together to become one pieceof bone so it eliminates the pain because transforaminal lumbar interbody fusions are minimally invasive they may present less risk to patientsand studies show that TLIF procedures had the highest fusion success ratethree years ago i was able to run and uh. as we came to two years i was only ableto walk and then as we came to the last

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