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By | June 6, 2017

Rheumatoid arthritis high intensity exercise rheumatoid arthritis

Does intense exercise help or hurt rheumatoidarthritisé The answer next… Rigorous Exercise Could Aid Rheumatoid ArthritisPain Rachel Lutz writing in MD reported arthritispain severity can be reduced with highintensity training, such as cycling, according to astudy published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology. Researchers from the Norwegian Universityof Science and Technology studied seven women with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) aged between20 and 50 years in order to examine the effects of highintensity training on their arthritispain, and to determine if these patients would

tolerate exercise intensities above today'sgeneral recommendations. The patients performed highintensity intervaltraining twice per week for 10 weeks on spinning bikes, consisting of four sessions of fourminute intervals at about 8595 percent of the maximum heart rate. The researchers found that the highintensityinterval training produced a 12.2 percent increase in the patients' maximum oxygenuptake and a 2.9 percent improvement in heart recovery rate. Additionally, body mass index,body fat, and waist circumference in patients decreased by rates of 1.2, 1.0, and 1.6 percent,respectively. Muscle mass increased by 0.6

percent in the patients.Comment: It's interesting that all the patients elected to continue the exercise program.This is consistent with what I've observed with my patients. You've got to make regularexercise as much of a habit as brushing your teeth.

Arthritis Treatmentavnarogyain

arthritis treatment the word arthritis is made up of twowords arthro meaning joint and itis meaning inflammation so arthritis denotes inflammation to the joints though the word arthritis only refers toinflammation of the joints we commonly use it to denote two types of problemsrelated to the joint one is inflammatory arthritis and the other one isdegenerative which is actually to be called as arthrosis but very commonly it is also called as arthritis the inflammatory arthritis is a whole range of different conditionsthat manifest by way of inflammation in

the different joints of the body there are several conditions mostpopular one is rheumatoid arthritis there are other varieties ofinflammatory arthritis like reactive arthritis you're got infective arthritis gouty arthritis so there are several such varieties of causes thatresult in inflammation in the joint then collectively they're known as inflammatoryarthritis inflammatory arthritis is treated by administration of internalmedicines there are several medicines that are nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs inmodern medicine that are helpful in

managing the acute conditions chronicarthritis as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis very often drugs which arecalled diseasemodifying drugs are used they are effective in controlling thedisease process but very often also cause of several side effects Ayurvedic treatment is a very holistic approach comprising of ayurvedic medicinesAyurvedic therapies as and they're done regularly as a process and they're ableto give the same sort of the results that modern medicine is able to give in termsof inflammatory arthritis the best aspect related to the ayurvedic treatment is the safety associated with that

ayurvedic treatment forinflammatory arthritis is not only effective it is extremely safe forlongterm use so that is a distinct advantage that ayurvedic approach best shows on patient's of chronic inflammatory arthritis if you look at the degenerative arthritis patients there is only a conservative management in terms of exercises to strengthen the muscles that are associated with the joints if there isalso weakness of the bones associated with the joints vitamin Dsupplementation calcium supplementation and supplementation of substances thatare deficient in the body is only form of treatment

that is available in conventional medicineayurveda on the other hand has a very comprehensive sort of an antidegenerative program that is helpful in preserving the function of the joints and evenreversing the degenerative conditions in certain patients whose joints are not damaged beyond a certain extent in our experience of over 85years at AVN arogya we have found that people who have been continuosly taking the ayurvedic treatment for degenerative arthritis are able to function very very much better than they were initially into the course very oftenthese patients were otherwise

we referred to surgery the very word surgery puts sort of fear in the mind ofthe patient because they're going to replace the entire joint jointreplacement therapy is widely used to take care of patients who have got veryserious joint condition however the life of the joint the replace joint also doesnot exceed ten to fifteen years that is another cause of concern in most of thepatients as the degenerative arthritis is beginning to set in even at an early age in patients of lateit is in this context ayurvedic

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