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By | June 5, 2017

September Favorites Niques Oasis

September favorites my favorite beautyproducts right now so i have two. absolutely love this bronzer it's calledall over glow bronzing powder i've been using this since my sister gave it to me this is the best bronzer I've used i don't know where she got it from butit's really good it gives me such a beautiful sunglow that I like that bronzerand i actually use it a lot of my eyeshadow for a show which I actuallyhave a bit on right now probably can't see it but it's there and i'll put someup here it's just very subtle but it's a

beautiful subtle glow look at thatbeautiful love this one for lips which I currently have on one of them inbombshell it's a suede that crown by global minerals i absolutely love theselip crayons I mean they go on so smooth and I lovethe way they feel. they don't have a really strong favorite smell is it's just nicelittle it's not irritating for me yeah love these pencils all right movingright along let's go on to have a little list down here shades i am a bigsunshade girl ok I have a collection of sunglasses but today only have one thati've been wearing over and over

you might have seen me wear it in mytutorial where I demonstrate how to for the cat ears and the bear ears. If you haven'tseen it you can check out there but i love the shades and they are my cat sunglasses they are great for anytime of the year you just about style ok these lovely gold earrings theyremind me of gold leaves yeah and here's the necklace herethey're so beautiful this is like my favorite gold accessory right now i havebeen wearing it even wore to a wedding that I went to the other day. it's justlike a really nice gold so yeah

I love this set. Alright we're gonna move along to my favorite skin products so far goes for hair to like peppermint oil butyou've seen me talk about this all the time but this is like i've been using so muchin September especially since all these allergies started acting up. Peppermint oil is one of the essential oils that I absolutely love so it's always in mycollection and this one is by Coco care next up we have almond soap usually Idon't like the smell of only because i think it's very strong but this onehappens to smell really lovely it's not overbearing i haven't used ityet because I've been smelling it now i

should use it i will. I have this littletiny oil called melaleuca oil. My mom told me about this when I wasn't feelingso well the last couple days she put it on her chest sort of rub it it reallyhelps to clear up the sinus it works like vix you know. when you're notfeeling so good feel like crap like the world about to end. anyways love this now on to music. So my favorite groupsout there is For King and Country I mean their music is just . amazingwonderful uplifting spiritual love all. And it's two brothers that make upthe group. My favorite song by them right

now. although i did love their previousrelease but the one right now is called I see you dressed in white. Every wrong made right. I see a rose in bloomit's such a wonderful song and also the other music I've been listening tois nico Vinz i bought their album last year for my birthday and i havebeen playing ever since but then i put it down the other day and recently Ijust listening to them again and I forgot how uplifting that album was andI loved afropop feel to it because I'm very cultural. i love you know the caribvibe. i love that they sing in their language I don't know which one it is but it's abeautiful African language and my two

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