Osteoarthritis Versus Rheumatoid Arthritis Chart

By | June 28, 2017

Rheumatoid Arthritis early ra treatment

Delaying treatment in RA can make a big difference…next RA Therapy: Study Supports Early TreatmentWindow Neil Osterweil writing in Medscape Today reporteda study of more than 1200 patients treated with diseasemodifying antirheumatic drugs(DMARDs) suggests that patients started on therapy within a few months of symptom onsetwill have more durable DMARDfree remissions than patients for whom therapy was delayed.The curve of the relationship is nonlinear, indicating the presence of a quot;window of opportunityquot;for ameliorating joint erosion, dampening inflammation, and reducing the need for orthopedicsurgery, report Jessica A. B. van Nies, MD,

from the Department of Rheumatology, LeidenUniversity Medical Center, the Netherlands, and colleagues. The study was published inthe Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. Comment: Early treatment means remission.

Exercise for Arthritis Aging Hip Knee Arthritis Exercises

My name is John Andraka. I am a physical therapist,and I would like to demonstrate a few non weight bearing or minimally weight bearingexercises which would be beneficial for a client that comes to our facility with a diagnosisof arthritis. We have our patient here who will be demonstrating a few of the exercises.The first one I would like to show is a straight leg raise. So straighten your leg out. I'mgoing to have you tighten up this muscle here. We're going to lift your leg up about evenwith the other side. We want nice slow controlled movement, up and down. This works you quadricepsmuscles and your hip flexors as well. If we wanted to increase the intensity of this,we could obviously throw an ankle weight on

his ankle to increase the muscle activationor the muscle force required to do the activity. O.k. let's have you bend this leg up. Nextexercise is going to be a bridge. So we'll have your feet about shoulder width apart.Cross your arms across your chest and lift your hips up off the table. I'm going to haveyou hold that position for about five seconds. So this exercise is working the quadriceps,the hamstrings, and the hip extensors and also we're getting some back extensor activationas well. Benefits of strengthening around the joint is to increase shock absorptioncapability of those muscles and, thus, taking the stress off of the joints. And mainly we'retargeting the hips and the knees with this

exercise. The last exercise I'd demonstrateis a side leg raise. So if we can have you lay on your left side, Bob, we're going toroll your hips forward and let's bring your leg up and back and then back down. If youlook at the direction of the muscle fibers, they run in this direction here so we almostwant to come up and back with the exercise and then back down. So this is strengtheningyour hip abductors which are on the outside of your hip. And those are the three exercisesthat I feel are most beneficial for a patient with hip and knee arthritis.Thank you very much.

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