Levaquin Causes Joint Pain

By | November 30, 2017

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Hi. My name is Dan Kaufman. A year ago I took a 10day regimen of an antibioticcalled quot;Levaquinquot; for an upper respiratory infection. Levaquin is in a class of drugscalled quot;fluoroquinolones.quot; Fluoroquinolones have the distinction of producing a devastatingset of side effects in a notable minority of people who take them, sometimes from asfew as one or two pills. I am one of thousands who is suffering fromthe side effects. For the first few days after taking the drug, I could barely walk, andit would be weeks until I could walk more than a block, and months before I could godown stairs without extreme difficulty. I

was 45 at the time, and I felt like I'd beenphysically aged 20 years in just 10 days. My didn't know what was going on withmehe'd taken the same drug at the same time and he felt fine. I, on the other hand, endedup going to an orthopedist, then to an emergency room, then to a rheumatologist, and finallyto a physical therapist as we narrowed down my diagnosis to quot;levaquin toxicityinducedtendinitis.quot; I found a Facebook page dedicated to otherpeople who were in various stages of suffering just like me, and that's when things reallystarted to make sense. The symptoms I'd been experiencing so acutely were talked aboutover and over by victims of the terrible sideeffects

from this class of drugs. In a way I almost feel lucky, because manypeople describe symptoms far worse than mine in severity and level of disability. I don'tneed a cane or walker, I don't suffer from tinitus or brain fog, and because I've beenvery careful, I have not yet experienced any burst tendons. But we all share this in common:We all put our faith in a drug, a drug company, and a federal agency that were supposed tohelp and safeguard us, but instead made us much, much sicker. If more than one person comes down with afoodrelated illness like salmonella, the

CDC considers that an outbreak, and the foodproducer is shut down until the source of the problem can be found and eliminated. Yetthousands and thousands of people can suffer lifechanging, devastating side effects fromone of the mostprescribed classes of drugs in the country, and all the FDA requires isa little black box around the grosslyinadequate and outofdate warning about possible sideeffects. And that black box isn't even required to be shown to patients by the drugs storesand other dispensaries, so most consumers will never see it. Here's what the FDArequired black box warninglooks like.

This is what I received from CVS.Here's how I think it should look. The way I see it, there are three problems:First, the drug manufacturers don't care, because they're literally making billionsof dollars a year on these drugs. Second, the FDA isn't aware of the extent of the problem,because most s aren't aware of the extent of the problem. And third, most patients whosuffer even minor injury don't think they can or should do anything about it, or theydon't make the connection between their injury and the antibiotic, so they don't report theirexperiences to their s or to the FDA. We can't do much about the first problematthe risk of sounding like crazy conspiracy

theorist, the drug company executives caremore about profits than about health. It's very sad, but it's also very true. But we can do something about the other twoproblems. If you've taken Levaquin or another fluoroquinolone and you've suffered even oneof the known sideeffects like tendon damage, tell your and report the side effectsto the FDA on their website listed in the tutorial description below. Even if it was monthsor years ago, report it. Some people don't experience the side effects until months aftertaking it. In my case, when I saw that the warning applied mostly to people over 60 yearsof age, I didn't think it really applied to

Achilles Tendon Ruptures and Antibiotics A Case Study New York Attorney Matthew McCauley

John is a gentleman who is in his late 80s.He's a World War II veteran. He is somebody who spent his life in sales and he retiredand entered into essentially the golden years of his life. He's an avid, avid golfer.You see this gentleman and all he wants to do is – he worked his entire life, he supportedhis family, wants to play golf, wants to help his grandchildren play golf, really wantsthe whole world to play golf. Well, John suffered an Achilles tendon rupture after taking amedication and came to us to see whether or not his rupture was related to the medicationhe was taking. We reviewed his case. There are antibiotics out there that are known tocause Achilles tendon ruptures and we were

able to review his case and advised him thatwe believed that his injury was related to the usage of a medication. In order to makethis decision, we take a look at the medical records. We take a look at his past medicalhistory. And we take a look at what he was doing when the injury occurred. And from whateverside we looked at, every single time it came back to the association of the usage of thisparticular medication every time. This is the type of case that we review every dayand that I do every day at Parker Waichman. With respect to the injuries, I'm also aparamedic. I'm able to look at the injuries from the perspective of what may have causedthe injury and whether or not there was something

outside of the medication or if there wassome type of event. I look at them from a personal level as if they are people thatI'm trying to look at and diagnose, as I did for many years as a paramedic. That helpsme to get through, to get through their cases and the determination of whether this a casethat should be filed or if there's something else involved in the case that may have causedtheir case. And some of the toughest calls that we have to make is when we tell people,you know, “We can't help you because your injury is not related to the medication thatyou are taking or the product that you are using.� And we spend just as much time explainingto people why their case isn't a case as

those people whose cases that we go on with.It can be frustrating for them because they're looking for answers. But when it comes tothe type of cases that we bring forward, we make sure that we're in a position thatwe think we can move a case forward rather than just file a case for no particular reason.If you have any questions, pick up the phone and call. I look forward to speaking withyou. Thank you very much for watching.

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