Knee Osteoarthritis Meniscus

By | December 19, 2018

Knee osteoarthritis meniscus surgery leads to arthritis

Does meniscus surgery protect you from gettingosteoarthritis of the knee… the answer coming up Surgery To Repair Meniscal Tears May Be LinkedTo Increased Risk Of Arthritis. Robert Preidt writing in Healthday reportedthat research presented at the Radiological Society of North America meeting suggeststhat surgery to repair meniscal tears may be linked to an increased risk of arthritis.Investigators “used MRI scans to look at 355 knees with arthritis, and compared themto a similar number of knees without arthritis.� The researchers found that “all 31 kneesthat were operated on to repair meniscal tears

developed arthritis within a year, comparedwith 59 percent of knees with meniscal damage that did not have surgery.� The study alsofound that “cartilage loss occurred in nearly 81 percent of knees that had meniscal surgery,compared with almost 40 percent of knees with meniscal damage that did not have surgery.� Comment: Unless a meniscus tear is incapacitatingit might be better to avoid surgery.

KT Tape Medial Knee Pain

For medial knee pain on the inside of the knee KT Tape can be an effective method of reducingsymptoms which may be caused by a variety of factors for this application I'm going to have you straighten your kneeall the way down and have you tear off an Istrip off the roll. and you are going to tear the paper in the middle of thetape and as you are applying stretch in this technique to the tape make sure you apply even pressure

on the tape, and not actually pinching the middle of the tape on one sideor the other. Ok, and just below the bottom portion of thatkneecap I want to lay the tape down with full stretch and then stretching that tape as you lay it down and pinch off that tape really good right there and then bend the knee up. And you are going to lay the tape down without any tension it's important to not put any tension on the anchor

same thing on the other side rub that tape on with the waxy side the paper pretty vigorouslyso you get that glue to adhere for the second strip of tape in this applicationwe tear another Istrip and you are going to tear off an anchor piece up by the logo and place that anchor

about two to three inches above the knee on theinside portion of the knee then rub that on and as you peel that paper off and you apply it over the inside or medial portion of your knee you are going to put full tension on that tape Go ahead and lay that tape down okay and then stopping just below the knee lay the remainder of the tape down with

no tension rubbing that tape on to ensure better adherence of thetape to the skin creates a little friction and heats up the adhesive and this tape will stick better as you start tomove with it and that's it.

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