Joint And Muscle Pain From Antibiotics

By | April 22, 2018

Antibiotics For Back Pain

Susan brady's back pain was once sosevere the s were planning a major operation to fuse together her spine. But then one consultant diagnosed abacterial infection between her bones and prescribed a long course ofantibiotics followed by a minor procedure on her disc. Scans show the infection's gone as hasmuch to the pain. Now new research suggests antibioticscould cure forty percent of people with chronic low back pain.

I've gone through so much with my backfound it very soon debilitating and it really kinda condenses your life. So, when someone says you can useantibiotics for 100 days in it will get better this infection hencethe back pain will start go and also help sciatica, I thought kindaseemed a bit too good to be true. The research is so radical but it couldforce a complete rethink on how back pain is treated and sparemany patients surgery. The theory is that a slipped disc allowsbacteria to enter the spine

and only by treating the infection willthe pain go. What we see is a patient before they hadantibiotic treatment. This Danish studied 162 patients with eighty percent cured. But she's hadto endure the ridicule of skeptical colleagues. These people suffer constantly, they haveconstant pain, so this is a very cheap treatment it'svery very efficient. The alternative is a life

on painkillers. So why did you give themantibiotics, this special subgroup, for 100 days getback on life and give them, you know, get them togo to work and things like this so that they have a happy life again.Other s warn more research is needed to confirm the findings and the caution antibiotics must beused with care. One of the problems with antibioticresistance spreading in all sorts medical contextis the fact that

people have used and s haveprescribed too many antibiotics in the past, and, but obviously if this is a bacterial infection that is causing these problemsand it is appropriate to use antibiotics. Susan's back is now so muchbetter that she's planning a trip to Paris, a minibreak, only possible because of theantibiotics.

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