Causes Of Knee Pain When Straightening Leg

By | October 7, 2018

Understand Knee Pain the biomechanical causes

Biomechanical causes of knee pain are probablyone of the most commonly cited running injuries, any way would be to have anterioror front knee pain, pain behind the knee cap pain around the knee cap area. Essentially,if you think of the knee as a hinge or modified hinge joint that allows you to rotate through.It has to be stable in both that position and that position. It is a tension compressionmatrix, so, the soft tissue holding it and pulling it against itself in all the differentdirections. It's translating force that is created in the hip and in the foot, ok, soas the foot rolls in and out it moves the tibia as the hip moves in and out it movesthe femur. So, if your foot's rolling in

and your femur is rolling out you get a twistgoing on at the knee or vice versa. So, they have to happen in synchronisation with eachother the rolling in and out. If they don't you get the kneecap running up and down outof its grove. Or you get excess load medial knee pain through there. Also things likeweak muscles on the inside of your knee will mean that the kneecap doesn't run smoothlyso you start to get knee pain like that. But, essentially, from a foot point of view ifyou pronate too late into the step it rolls your tibia in while your femur's trying toroll your out. So you end up getting twists and compressions and rotations there. If ithappens too quickly you can get strains down

the illotibial band and into the outside ofthe knee. If you have a blockage in the function of your big toe, for instance, you can't bendforward so some people might hyper extend the knee or bend it too far backwards so itdepends on how you're put together as to where your pain will go.

Knee Extension Improvement Knee Straightening Ask Jo

Hey everybody, it's Jo. I've had alot of emails questions asking me how to straighten out the knee. Get more knee extension. Sotoday I'm going to show you some knee extension stretches. So one of the easiest things todo to get more knee extension is sit in a chair and find something sturdy to prop yourknee up on. If you have a lot of bend in your knee and you can't straighten it out, youmight need a little bit of help. This might be fine for some people and it might be hardfor them to tolerate it, but you might need that extra push. You can use a sack of potatoes.That is a lot of weight on there, but a lot of times that is what people do, is just putit on there. Slightly above the knee. You

don't want to put it right on the knee joint,but you want to put it slightly above the knee. If you don't have a sack of potatoes,like I don't, you can get a grocery bag of soup. So the more soup you put in there, theheavier it is. You can just take the leg put it through the holes, and put it just slightlyabove that knee. If you can tolerate five minutes of that, great! Ten minutes, evenbetter. It just depends on how much of the extension you still need. If this isn't quiteenough, you really need a lot, you need to push it hard, you can actually lie down onyour stomach. So I'm going to show you that now. Oh, were back! Okay, so this can be doneon your bed. I just want to show you so you

can see my leg hanging off. Because the importantpiece of this, is see how my knee is past the edge. You don't want your knee up here,even if your hanging off the bed, you want your knee slightly off the edge so you don'tget a whole lot of pressure on that knee because most likely your knee is hurting because youdon't have that full extension. So again, just hanging here like this might be all somepeople are able to tolerate. You can take a towel roll and place it under your thighas well, but if you're on a bed or couch, you should do okay. If this is not gettingenough stretch for you just hanging, again you can grab a bag with some soup cans init. I got it! You will probably have to have

somebody put it on there for you. Or startwith it on, and then lay down. Just try and relax that leg as much as you can, and justlet it hang and stretch out. Those were your knee extension stretches. If you have anyquestions, leave them in the comment section. If you'd like to check out any other tutorials,go to askjo . Don't forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Remember be safe,have fun, and I hope you feel better soon!.

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