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By | June 3, 2017

23 Ways To Get Rid Of Inflammation and Joint Pain Saturday Strategy

Hey friend! Drew Canole. I am so jest up tobe here. We're in Lake Murray, Southern California at its finest. It's absolutelygorgeous out today and what better way to spend our day than you and me talking aboutsomething that I'm passionate about and I know a lot of you need help with. What isité Inflammation. Inflammation attacks us when we least expect it. We go to bed, wewake up in pain, we twist our neck it doesn't make us capable of being the fullest expressionof who you and I are. So today we are attacking inflammation headon. I wanna show you the11 things to eliminate, eradicate and destroy from your life and I also wanna show you 23remedies that can help inflammation when it

sets in but first we have to understand thetwo primary pathways for your body to heal inflammation on its own. Get the primary andyou have the secondary pathway to eliminate it. So if we help the body with the primarypathway of detoxification, of giving it the right foods, of eliminating the bad thingsthen that secondary response doesn't kick on. You start to feel better. So let's talkabout the 11 things to eliminate and cut back on righté Some of these are gonna be prettyhard to eliminate right away and I get that but to cut back on to help with that primarypathway of getting rid of inflammation on the body. Number one, processed food. Youheard me talk about it. Sugar, dairy, wheat.

If you are in a polluted area make sure youget an air purifier to clean your house. Smoking, ugh! Not good for inflammation at all. Ifyou're smoking and you're taking pain killers at the same time, double bad okayéDon't be doing that stuff or at least try to eliminate it slowly okayé Alcohol, transfats,omega 6's, fatty acids, MSG and sleep. Sleep is the big ticker. If you're getting enoughsleep it will help eliminate that. Your kidneys works when you're, at night its purifyingyour blood so it's exactly what you want. So sleep, bar none is the most important thing.‘Right my friend, have a seat. Let's talk about this real quick. So 23 things we cando to get rid of inflammation. Number one

is Omega 3's righté Omega 3's deliverin the process of getting rid of toxic. Inflammation build up in your body. Number two is greens.You've seen all of our juicing tutorials. I'm a firm believer of drinking greens in themorning on an empty stomach, you know that's why we do warm water and lemon, stimulatethat digestive fire as they talked about neuro data and then having the green juice afterwardsso that you a absorb the phytochemicals, amino, enzymes and that's if you're travelingor whatever you're doing that's why a lot of people are actually taking the Organifiwith them so they get the green superfood first thing in the morning. Very powerfulstuff. And then gut health righté Inflammation

starts in the gut with the food that we eat.80% of our immune system is in the gut so that's why you wanna eat the foods likewe talked about on last week's Saturday Strategy that are loaded with probiotics.Prebiotics, things to stimulate that immune system and help you heal. Hydration is absolutelykey. Listen, 80% of the country is chronically dehydrated. Drink your water, six liters atleast. Drop a little Celtic sea salt in there for your minerals, absolutely amazing foryou. One of my favorite teas is actually turmeric and ginger tea. You've seen me make tutorialsabout this. Really good for you. Epsom salt bath at night. One of my favorite things todo is add a little Epsom salt, sit in there,

relax, meditate, breath, lower that cortisollevel and just let that magnesium absorb through your skin. One of the best ways that leadsme to the next one which is magnesium. Magnesium is quintessential. I've a calm supplementI take from home, couple of dose a day make you feel absolutely amazing. Nine is oliveoil righté They've done research on this. They tested olive oil against ibuprofen, justone and a half tablespoons of olive oil is equivalent to 200 milligrams of ibuprofen.Dandelion greens, as I mentioned two weeks ago in 23 ways to cleanse your body, Dandeliongreens help promote bile in your digestive track which helps eliminate toxins as wellplus they're loaded with vitamins A, C and

Secret Symptoms of a Heart Attack

In the movies, when people have heart attacks,they often clutch their chest in pain and collapse on the floor. But in real life, that'soften not the way it happens. We bring you the bottom line on secret symptomsof a heart attack. Hi, I'm Pilar Gerasimo, with a Bottom LineExpert report on heart attacks. I'm here today with Suzanne Steinbaum, director of Women'sHeart Health at Lenox Hill in New York City. Steinbaum, I notice that in the movies,there are these incredibly dramatic events—you know, people have heart attacks and they clutchtheir chest, they fall to the floor, they

die instantly. But in real life, I understandthat that's not actually the way it happens. Can you tell us a little bit about what doesit actually look and feel like to have a heart attacké It's not always that Hollywood heart attack.There are often more subtle signs. Definitely chest pain or pressure is the most commonsymptom people have, but it could also be shortness of breath, fatigue, nausea, backpain, jaw pain, vomiting, even flulike symptoms, so don't exactly expect that Hollywood heartattack. You just described a whole bunch of symptoms,many of which could be everyday ailments.

It might be indigestion—I ate somethingtoo spicy. or I'm coming down with the flu. How do I differentiate between these everyday things and something that could be much more dramaticé When you think about what a heart attack is—whichis actually lack of oxygen to the heart muscle—that's when you get the symptoms. So if it is happeningwith exertion and with really exercising and then if it is relieved with rest, think aboutyour heart. If you have indigestion, you take something for your stomach and it goes away,so it's probably not your heart. If you have pain, you take an antiinflammatory and itgoes away, again, probably not your heart.

But if the symptoms come back, you reallyshould not dismiss it. And think heart first! It is better to be wrong than to be sorry. So I know that there's sometimes confusionabout the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. Could you explain thedifference to usé Cardiac arrest is truly sudden death, andthere's nothing we can do about it. When someone has a heart attack, it's damage to the heartmuscle. We can intervene.we can open blood flow of that artery to the muscle.and wecan actually prevent people from having heart damage. So it's a very important distinction.One there is nothing we can do about, unless

maybe if it is witnessed and we can do CPR.But for people having a heart attack, it's about intervention, getting to the ,getting to the as soon as possible. The bottom line on heart attack symptoms isthat they often disguise themselves as other ailments, but if you're dealing with symptomsthat are being made worse by exertion and aren't responding to relatively simple treatmentsand remedies for things like indigestion or flu, it's probably time to be on the safeside and call your . For more advice on a healthier life, go to BottomLineHealth .

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