Bilateral Knee Pain Osteoarthritis

By | August 18, 2018

A case of knee pain Osteoarthritis 85 better with Imperial Homeopathy treatment

: I will ask you in detail. What was your health issueé Mrs AD : I was suffering from JOINT PAIN (osteoarthritis), problems in digestion. .and BACK PAIN : How was the Joint pain problemé Mrs AD : I had KNEE PAIN. It was difficult for me to walk. : Now with these Homeopathic treatment since 67 months, how was your experienceé Mrs AD : There is 80% improvement. There is no pain while walking now. I can walk with ease.for 1520 minutes

: Knee pain has reduced.é Mrs AD : Yes, definitely : What about swelling on knee jointsé Mrs AD : Very less. It has reduced. : Do you experience morning stiffness in knee jointsé Mrs AD : NO : What about your BACK PAINé Mrs AD : It has also reduced by 8085%. Even digestion is normal now.

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today we have art he is here to have hisknees injected hell elevenhour 2012 so visibly getting worse over the years forfive years usually have space between the bones of the upper leg and lower legthat the femoral condyle the femur in the tibial condyle normally have thespace but on your media were inside legs there is no space it's touching itsosteoarthritis the normal little club cartilaginous distance there is just onedown gone so we're going to give you an injection into this the new joint spacewhile your legs are hanging there now you have to have this is kind ofinteresting yeah you do have a little a

polo or fibrous growth that's kind of inthe way of those the way we normally would approach the melee see if I canget above it and you know what we're going to go we're gonna go above it so Ican be a problem what is compatible chloride and it's it's only job is toyou evaporate as it evaporates and thingsvery very very cool so allows you to see his agency is finding my place next tothe teller tendon underneath the patella on into the new enjoying barely barelyok some put in a lot of anesthetic goes on very easily because we're not inattendance

or something we shouldn't put in thecortisone methylprednisolone as we're using an issue with you know I couldbarely see that's why I'm going to give a shot right there also smoothly are youdoing with this one and then i and then lots of Minnesota because in aestheticsgood and this is what's going to give us the immediate results so I'd like tohave you right now to get off the table on your feet and show us how you movebefore and it doesn't have this relief that allows you to walk without pain nowinstead of course off it goes back to her like he did in the next days to nomore than a couple weeks record and

kicks in we may have to repeat this wecan repeat it once every four months and then we really do need to refer to thesurgeon if not adequate at that point eventually get the relief from formaltime to talk about other option and they are coming out with new treatments forit questions you have no I don't disgustedI do need you it's very unlikely would not have happened but keep an eye outfor signs of affection if there's increasing pain redness swelling fever great pain with moon the joint we'venever seen it but those are things to

look out for that can help we can dothis joining art myself until next time said Mark Bunn telling you just a good health.

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