Arthritis Thumb Cure

By | April 10, 2018

Thumb Arthritis Diagnosis and Treatment QA

MUSIC My name is W.P. Andrew Lee. I'm the director ofthe Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeryat Johns Hopkins MUSIC Thumb arthritis comesfrom wear and tear. The basal joint of the thumbis the most flexible and versatile joint inthe entire human body.

It allows us to turn the thumb360 degrees to have all the dexterity in the hand to doall the things that we can do. And that's why it gets a lotof use and wear and tear, and typically after decades of use,the joint wears out. It gives the patient pain, it gives swelling,there can be deformity. And the patient has more and more discomfort whenthey use their hand.

MUSIC The most common symptom fromthumb arthritis is pain and progressive pain. The patient typically startsout with some discomfort and use in their thumb or handthat progresses over a period of months orsometime even years. Eventually the paincan be disabling that precludes the patient fromeveryday activities, whether its

in the kitchen, around the houseor doing outdoor work. The most common activities thatI hear from my patients that result from thumb arthritisare daily simple things, such as opening a jar,opening a large doorknob, or things that don't requirea lot of strength that require the dexterity ofthe thumb to achieve. MUSIC A diagnosis can be made inthe office by a trained hand

specialist. It's often obviousonce the patient complains of the symptoms whenthe physician examines the hand. There can be deformity, therecan be swelling in the thumb joint, and when the patientloses the thumb, it's obviously not a normaljoint that's gliding smoothly. MUSIC I typically start out witha soft splint that the patient

wears around the thumb. The fingers are completely free,but the thumb is supported. This way the patient canstill use the hand freely and perform most activities, yetthe thumb receives the support needed to help reduce the painwhen the patient uses the hand. MUSIC If the conservative treatmentsdo not completely relieve the patient's symptom, surgicaltreatment may be considered.

Hand Wrist Stretches for Arthritis Pain Relief Ask Jo

Hey everybody, it's Jo. Don't worry,I wasn't hunting Bambi, but here in the south, hunting is a really big deal, and sometimesyour hand can start hurting. So I'm gonna show you some stretches for your hands andyour fingers today. Alright, let's start with some wrist exercises. First you can keep yourelbow bent, that's fine, and you're going to bring your fist downward so you're gettinga stretch up here. You can either hold it for 30 seconds, if it's not too tight, oryou can just do a slow motion going up and down, and do that just 10 times repeatedly.So either 30 seconds holding it down, 30 seconds holding it up. Or rotating back and forth.And that's gonna get that wrist loosened up

for you a little bit. Then you can turn yourfist to the side and go down and up that way. So, same kind of thing, you can either holdit down for 30 seconds, hold it up for 30 seconds, or just do a slow movement back andforth about 10 times. Once you get your wrist loosened up, then you're gonna start workingon your fingers. So first usually what I'll do is I'll start closest to the hand and thenmove my way to the end. So bending at your joints on the outside here, you're going tojust bring them down. If you want to push a little bit more with your other hand youcan. Stretching those joints out a little bit. Same kind of thing, you can go 10 timesjust back and forth, a little pop in there,

or you can hold it for 30 seconds. Then you'regonna move up to the next joint where you're gonna curl your fingers down. You'll be ableto see them all right there, and there getting those joints in the middle right there. Samekind of thing, you can hold it for 30 seconds, or you can just curl your fingers up and downto get them moving. And then the last joint on the end is usually the hardest. Sometimespeople can just bend them without holding on to them with their fingers. I have to holdon to mine. Mine don't bend on their own. And just kind of curling them down and comingup. So, same thing, you can hold them for 30 seconds, or you can do 10 just nice andslow moving back and forth. Then the last

once to get your thumb involved a little bit,is just to touch each finger with your thumb. Get that moving back and forth. You can circlearound, or you can go back the other way, or you can alternate. And there you have it,that should loosen up your wrist and your fingers. So all you hunters out there, oranybody who has arthritis in their hands and wrists in general, those are some good stretchesto get you loosened up and get you going. If you have a question, please leave it inthe comments section. And if you'd like to check out some more tutorials, please go to AskJo .Have fun, be safe, and I hope you feel better soon.

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