Vegan Joint Inflammation

By | June 4, 2017

Best Joint Pain Supplements Best Joint Pain Relief Products Supplements For Joint Pain

Best Joint Pain Supplements Best Joint Pain Relief Products Supplements For Joint Pain.

A Simple Plan To Reduce Inflammation Naturally Saturday Strategy

I want to put together highlight reel of inflammationfor you that gives you tips, tools, techniques that you can use to get rid of inflammationin your own life, I think you're gonna enjoy it. Check it out! Inflammation attacks uswhen we least expect it we go to bed, we wake up in pain, we twist our neck, it doesn'tmakes us capable of being the fullest expression of who you and I are. So today we are attackinginflammation head on but first we have to understand the two primary pathways for yourbody to heal inflammation on its own. So if we help the body with the primary pathwayof detoxification, of giving it the right foods, of eliminating the bad things thenthat secondary response doesn't kick on.

You start to feel better. You've seen allof our juicing tutorials, I am a firm believers of drinking greens in the morning on an emptystomach, you know that's why we do our warm water and lemon, stimulate that digestivefire as they talked about in Ayurveda and then having the green juice afterwards sothat you absorb the phytonutrients, the phytochemicals, the amino's, the enzymes and that's ifyou're travelling or whatever you are doing that's why a lot of people are taking theOrganifi with them so that they get the green superfood first thing in the morning. Verypowerful stuff and then gut health righté Inflammations starts in the gut with the foodthat we eat. 80 percent of our immune system

is in the gut so that's why you wanna eatthe foods that we talked about on last week's Saturday Strategy that are loaded with probiotics,prebiotics, things to stimulate that immune system and help you heal. One of my favoriteteas is actually turmeric and ginger tea. You've seen me make tutorials about this, reallygood for you. If you're like me, like to exercise at least 56 times a week, to go34 days a week you may notice that your joints and your body starts to ache. That's thesynovial gel in between your joints that starts to gum up and thicken. When it's thickenyour body doesn't move correctly so that's why exercise are jumping on a rebounder ordoing yoga, doing tai chi, whatever it is

loosens that synovial fluid up in your bodyand the pain starts to dissipate. Alright so we may look like crazy, crazy people outhere in San Diego but what we're doing is were stimulating our lymph system. If we areon a trampoline, we'd jump up and down that would get your lymph going and what your heartdoes is it pumps the blood. Your lymph system, you need to move it to get it going and that'sexactly what the lymph does. It's actually 2 times bigger than your circulatory systemso you actually have more lymph moving around. So any toxins or anything that is coming intoyour body whether it be food, emotional any type of stress are gonna stay within yourbody so in less a week go ahead and get things

moving righté Don't be afraid to sweat,got to get out move, go to the gym, do some chi gong whatever it is move that lymph. Breathein deeply again that goes back to the emotional and also getting things, clearing your mind,creating that ‘unstuckness' in your body. I was in the farmers market and I saw somethingthat look just like ginger. It was this little root here. A little bit oranger and flavorobviously. You open it up and it almost looks like a carrot righté So I brought it homeand started juicing this stuff and what I noticed in my own life was remarkable. A lotof the pain and the inflammatory responses that I noticed in the past of working outand being a runner and doing all the exercise

that I did all throughout my life subsidedrather quickly and I realized that turmeric has some very advanced healing propertieswhen you have it on a consistent basis. Curcumin actually insert itself inside cell membranesthat aren't working effectively in your body and helps amplify them. I have one pieceof turmeric, I have one lemon and I have a little bit of ginger. We're gonna add adash of cayenne. This week's juicer winner is Martha Szekley! Martha and her husbandare on a 15 day fruit and vegetable cleanse and is feeling great. Martha use this juicerfrom Kuving's to boost your intake of veggies. Let us know how you feel after that cleanseand keep up those new routines. Congratulations

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