Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis With Chemotherapy

By | June 7, 2017

How to prevent side effects of Chemotherapy with home remedies II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Mr. Vineet Modi He has emailed us and written us that the treatment for cancer like chemotherapy radiation these treatments even have their side effects too so, in case if there is any home remedy to cure with them then please share. See, Mr. Vineet You are absolutely right that chemotherapy has lots of side effects like, hair fall and pain and the remedy i am going to tell you with this the side effects will be disappear surely.

See, if you are suffering from cancer then first of all have faith if you will follow this remedy with the faith then you will have an effective chemotherapy and you will be healthier very soon. Moment you will have faith you will over come with the fear as people get scared with this disease name And once you have over come from the fear then this remedy will show its effects very instant. what you have to to , just think that it obvious that at many times in your life you have faced such time when you have blank or no other way to live your life when you have faced those situations when you have moved on from that time also so this is also a situation and you will surely come out of this soon

The remedy i am going to tell you for that you have to take 12 spoon of baking soda mix it into 1 glass of water and consume this twice in a day Cancer cells like too much of acidic atmosphere So this baking soda create alkaline atmosphere in our body so there are lesser chances of cancer cells to get pop up The second remedy which you have to do along with this is That is Apricot which is called Khumani in India. take out its seeds as its has almond in it

you have to take out 25 almonds or apricot seeds Take 5 seeds and consume 5 of them 5 times in a day it has very major anticancer properties And in many countries this is used as anticancer treatment. but you have to careful for one thing. Don't consume 25 seeds in one go else it can do poisoning Don't take more than 5 seeds in one go And 25 seeds in through out the day since they are bitter in taste

But if you will take 55 seeds then you will notice that your chemotherapy Will be very effective as they directly attack on cancer cells instead of healthy cells And cancer cells get improvised by this And your healthy cells who got damage cells began to repair with this Third remedy which you have to do is , that is wheat grass juice So for this what you have to do,consume 100 ml of wheat grass juice with an empty stomach Prior and post consumption of this juice you shouldn't eat or drink anything Similarly when in the evening when you feel hungry then too consume 100 ml of wheat grass juice

This wheat grass juice increase the quantity of healthy cells in your body And along with helps to repair the damage cells And will also help you to get rid of side effects of chemotherapy Along with this consumption of garlic is necessary. you must chew eat at least 2 cloves of garlice Because garlic is known as anticancer products its contains lots of anticaner properties Along with this in a day you have to consume a big spoon of juice of ginger as well And along with take dry coconut Cut it into small pieces and put into grinder to grind and post grinding

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