Rheumatoid Arthritis Statin Drugs

By | January 7, 2018

Medication statins muscle aches

Do you take statinsé Do your muscles acheéYou're not alone Muscle pain not well defined in most statinstudies Shereen Jegtvig writing for Reuters reportedthat studies evaluating cholesterollowering drugs might find more muscle problems if theydid a better job of defining and asking about muscle pain, suggests a new review. Researchers say 10 to 25 percent of realworldpatients on statins report having muscle problems, but al trials consider these side effectsto be rare. “A lot of patients complain about . . . muscleaching while they're on statins,â€�

Paul D. Thompson told Reuters Health. Thompson, who worked on the study, is chiefof cardiology at Hartford in Connecticut. Comment: I see at least one patient a daywho complains of muscle aches while on statins.

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