Osteoarthritis Knee Extreme Pain

By | January 22, 2018

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Best Joint Pain Supplements Best Joint Pain Relief Products Supplements For Joint Pain.

Knee Pain Stretches Exercises Ask Jo

Hey everybody it's Jo. I've beengetting a lot of questions about knee pain. Knee pain is actually probably the secondmost common thing that we see next to back pain. And that simply because you can getthat OA in there. And when I say OA I don't mean old age. It actually stands for Osteoarthritis.And you can even start getting that as early as 25 to 30 years old. So when you start feelingsome aching in your bones and your joints and your knee, these are some stretches you cando to kind of work it out a little bit. And remember, once you stretch you need to strengthen.Already let's get started with some of the stretches. The first thing I'm gonna haveyou do is I'm gonna have you straighten

out your leg. We're gonna work out the jointa little bit, get some movement in there and get it loosened up. So we're gonna bring outour trusty belt, or dog leash if you have one, I usually take off my shoes for thisone casue it's gonna help you slide a little bit. If you need a towel underneath you cando that, doing it in bed seems to help a lot because it's a little more slick on yoursheets so you'll get a little more movement. I'm gonna have you put the belt around yourfoot, anywhere that's comfortable, and your gonna bring your knee up. If you need a littlehelp, a little over pressure stretch, that's what the belt is for. So you're just gonnakind of slide it up, get a good bend in there.

And just a little pause with this one, maybejust a 5 to 10 second pause, and then you're gonna come back down. But the movement inthe join is what's gonna loosen it up, so you wanna do this continuously. A little pauseat the top, maybe you can go a little further the next time, and then come back down. Soyou wanna do that about 8 or 10 times, really getting that joint moving. And then stretchingit as far as you can, and coming back down. Now we're going to move the kneecap arounda little bit. This is your patella, they might call it a patella, you might say quot;say whatéquot;,but it's basically your knee cap on top. The key to moving around your kneecap is thatyour leg has to be relaxed. If you're squeezing

your muscles tight, that's pushing it downinto your joint and it's not gonna move, so you really want your leg to be relaxed,you can kind of hit it a little bit that helps those muscles relax a little bit. And allyou're gonna do is your just gonna start moving it back and forth, side to side. That'sthe first one. The first couple times it might be hard, it's not knowing what's goingon, so your muscles are tightening up a little bit, you can push pretty hard, getting thatmovement in there. Go side to side a little bit, and you can go front to back a littlebit. You're just moving it back and forth. If you have some osteoarthritis in there youmight feel a little bit of crunching going

on. That's ok. That's what we call crepitus,and that's just that arthritis in there. You keep moving it as much as you can. Thisimportance of this is the patella is connected to your quadricep tendon up here, and yourpatellar tendon down there. Those, if they're tight, push that kneecap down and you'renot gonna get as much bend in your knee. So the key here is to get that kneecap moving,and then you'll have more room to bend that knee if it's feeling really tight. Backand forth. Up and Down. Ok. So now we're just gonna do some stretches of the muscles.You've got the joint loosened up a little bit, no we're gonna stretch out those musclesa little bit. I'm gonna have you bring back

out your belt, and we're gonna this timeput it around the balls of our feet. So not your toes, but just below your toes, righton the ball there, and you're gonna keep your leg straight. This is gonna stretch outour calf muscle underneath. The calf actually, those tendons kind of cross the knee so youreally wanna get those stretched out. You're gonna relax your foot, and you're gonnapull it towards you as much as you can. Now if your knee starts bending a little bit,then you're pulling too hard and your changing the muscle your stretching. So you want thatleg to be straight. And you're gonna pull. And of course this is a stretch so you wannahold if for 30 seconds and you wanna do it

osteoarthritis knee joint pain therapy Auburn Medical Group

today we have art he is here to have hisknees injected hell elevenhour 2012 so visibly getting worse over the years forfive years usually have space between the bones of the upper leg and lower legthat the femoral condyle the femur in the tibial condyle normally have thespace but on your media were inside legs there is no space it's touching itsosteoarthritis the normal little club cartilaginous distance there is just onedown gone so we're going to give you an injection into this the new joint spacewhile your legs are hanging there now you have to have this is kind ofinteresting yeah you do have a little a

polo or fibrous growth that's kind of inthe way of those the way we normally would approach the melee see if I canget above it and you know what we're going to go we're gonna go above it so Ican be a problem what is compatible chloride and it's it's only job is toyou evaporate as it evaporates and thingsvery very very cool so allows you to see his agency is finding my place next tothe teller tendon underneath the patella on into the new enjoying barely barelyok some put in a lot of anesthetic goes on very easily because we're not inattendance

or something we shouldn't put in thecortisone methylprednisolone as we're using an issue with you know I couldbarely see that's why I'm going to give a shot right there also smoothly are youdoing with this one and then i and then lots of Minnesota because in aestheticsgood and this is what's going to give us the immediate results so I'd like tohave you right now to get off the table on your feet and show us how you movebefore and it doesn't have this relief that allows you to walk without pain nowinstead of course off it goes back to her like he did in the next days to nomore than a couple weeks record and

kicks in we may have to repeat this wecan repeat it once every four months and then we really do need to refer to thesurgeon if not adequate at that point eventually get the relief from formaltime to talk about other option and they are coming out with new treatments forit questions you have no I don't disgustedI do need you it's very unlikely would not have happened but keep an eye outfor signs of affection if there's increasing pain redness swelling fever great pain with moon the joint we'venever seen it but those are things to

look out for that can help we can dothis joining art myself until next time said Mark Bunn telling you just a good health.

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