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By | April 21, 2018

The most fun I ever had getting rid of my joint pain Saturday Strategy

Fly. I'm so limber. Why am I limber and whyam I so fired up today Fitliferé It's the juice baby! Alright Fitlifer. Welcome to anotherexciting episode of this week's Saturday Strategy. I'm so glad you're in my kitchen. Today weremaking a juice recipe with some of my favourite ingredients. Did you know, 20 percent of peoplethat means if you look around you right now, there's five people, that means one of youis dealing with chronic pain. Perhaps you have arthritis, you feel it, you wake up inthe morning, it's hard to get up and just, just like zombies in the park. That's whatpain will do to you. Juice. Juice. I'm not gonna eat somebody's brain or anything. Butpain is bad news. So what do most people doé

did you know 84 percent of americans thatare in pain pop over counter medicine. Does that really help anybodyé What really helpspeople, Apocrasy said it best, 400 BC is that let thy food be thy medicine and let medicinebe thy food. so what kind of juice can we drink to help remedy painé real simple andeasy fitlifer. bring it in. I want to introduce you to my friend, mr. pineapple. Mr. Pineappleis loaded with bromaline. Chikita banana, everyday! Get the banana everyday! drink yourjuice everyday. this is an antiinflammatory, natural agent in pineapple. righté so evenif your inflamed anywhere in your body, you got sinus inflammation. Inflammation in youjoints, in your legs, inflammation in your

lower back. Rewind 3 or 4 years ago, I hadchronic lower back pain. Most of the time when I'm would work, I have to stand up. Becausemy lower back hurts so bad, and I wish, I had this juice recipe then. So, what is thejuice recipeé Pineapple, 4 stalks of celery, Lemon as the alkalizing agent and carrots.Yah. What's up docé Okay. Carrots are really good with inflammation as well. We got 6 carrotshere. We're gonna cut this off. And were gonna drop 'em in the juicer. If you want more naturalremedies, just like this, check out juicewithdrew . on the link below this tutorial. So let'sgon with this recipe. We got pineapple which is about an inch on this thing. We're gonnameasure out. Were gonna cut the edges off.

Some people juice this thing, but I don't.But you can try presses. Oh my God! Nature's candy! You know what to feed your kids insteadof candyé Pineapple. Bad boy on. Were in. You no longer crave for cheeseburgers, cheeses,all the various snacks that out there. Trick your toxic little taste buds. And you actuallylove this juice recipe if you don't know already. Wow! That is absolutely delicious! That'samazing! I just feel so much limber in drinking this. That's some good stuff fitlifer. That'ssome really really good stuff. I want you to try this recipe, this week! Commit to it!Ingredients, carrots, celery, pineapple, a little bit of lemon, Absolutely delicious.Your gonna love it! I know you are. And I

want you to start examining in your life.Why you chooseé And if your having trouble staying committed to an exercise or fitnessprogram, or juicing, or if you purchased the juice with drew system, I want you to startunderstanding, why you do ité Well for me, I wanna live a long long life. I have friendsaround me, and maybe you do as well, that are experiencing things like cancer, heartdisease, And all this other ailments. I don't wanna be like that. So every single day, I'mgonna make my best effort in becoming the best version of myself. And I know if yourwatching the tutorial, you are as well. I know your committed. I know your working hard.And sometimes I fall out the bandwagon. I

have a giant cheeseburger, I mess up. I workoutfor 3 full days in a row and I'm sure there are things you know you should be doing butsometimes, you just fall. But that's ok. I still love yah. I'll still be here for you.Because when totally I say were in this together, I mean it. Here with you. Make this juicerecipe. If your looking for a community, to support you on your mission, on your journeyThat people that will love you, and hold you, will take you to your highest good, I encourageyou with juice with drew system. That's what I'm offering you today. again, remember, werein this together. I'll see you soon! Juice. Drop that. NASA. Were on a space mission todaywith the celery vehicle. Were about to launch

KT Tape Neck Pain

This Technique is for middle neck pain occurring usually in this area it's usually posture related so, sitting at a computer for a long time or driving for a long time tends to put stress on this area. What I'm going to do is tear a single piece off the roll split the tape

just by folding it and splitting it down the middle the tape will stop you where it needs to be. I'm going to tear off the anchor point that is the part of the tape with the logo on it. from here I'm going to anchor right in the middle, just about between the shoulder blades from here I'm going to have the person fully flex their neck down peeling off the paper

and without tension being pulled on the tape I'm simply going to lay that tape down just on either side of the spine. staying in that position my next piece is just one more off the roll I'm going to tear the piece of paper right in the middle I'm going to put even tension on that tape

being careful not to just grip with index fingers and thumbs by putting even tension on the tape This piece is going to be applied with full tension right across the area that is sore I'm going to lay that down and then the tails lay down with no tension. I'm going to rub the tape on A little friction helps with the adhesive.

then come back up straight and he is good to go!.

Pinched Nerve Cervical Radiculopathy Stretches Exercises Ask Jo

Hey everybody it's Jo, and todayI'm going to show you some stretches and exercises for cervical radiculopathy.Let's get started. So if you have this, you know is prettyridiculous, and you want to get rid of that pain because it's nerve pain.Basically what radiculopathy is is the nerve root at the spine gets inflamedand irritated and then it causes that pain usually down the arm or if it's inthe lower body down the leg. So to start off with, we're just going to do somenerve glides. With nerve glides, remember you just want to do a little bit. Maybeten just one time a day because if you

do too many, it will flare up the nerveeven more that's definitely what you don't want. So to start off with, take the arm andput it almost up into a stop sign position, but turn your palm facing you,and what you do is imagine that there's a string on your finger and your head sothey follow each other. So basically you're going to pull your head over andstraighten your arm out and then come back in. Try to keep your head in astraight forward position, don't turn towards it, but keep itstraight ahead, and then just side bend

over and follow that hand going down andcoming back up. So again just start off with 10 of these. I wouldn't recommendanymore because it might flare it up a little bit more. Then you're going to gointo some stretching into a trap stretch, and that's those muscles back here wherethey get tight they they pull in and put pressure on that spine and put pressureon the nerves. So for the trap stretch, if I'm stretching my right side, I'm goingto put my hand down. Some people put it behind their back you can do that. Ifyou're sitting in a chair, it helps to kind of grab on the bottomof the chair cause then that kind of

stabilizes the shoulder because youdon't want your shoulder coming up, you want it to stay down. And then take youropposite hand and then just pull away and hold that stretch for 30 seconds. Soyou should feel that stretch right in through there, and just nice hold. See ifI'm not holding on that shoulder comes up a little bit, and I'm it's notterrible but then I'm not getting quite as much of a stretch, so make sure youkind of pull it down, you can just take your fistand push it down as well. Holding that for 30 seconds and then doing that threetimes. If you want to do both sides you

can as well. The next one is going to be a chin tuck,and we've talked about chin tucks in the past where it's not tucking down towardsyour chest, but it's actually tucking it in making a whole lot of little chin'sthere. So the goal is to make a whole bunch of wrinkles right there. So what I like to do is kind of use myfinger as a target just so I know that I'm actually retracting that chin back.So just starting here, and then it's almost like I'm trying to take the backof my head towards my other hand. So just

scrunching, in getting lots of littlechin's there, but keeping that chin up. Hold it for about three to five seconds,and then relax, and you can see that there's a space now between my fingerand my chin, and I moved it a little bit, but you can tell that there's adifference there. And then move it again and retract. Hold it there three to fiveseconds, and do about five of those. Then the next one is going to be the chinretraction with a little bit of an extension, and remember with extension ifyou have neck issues anyways, sometimes this movement for people makes you dizzyor very painful, so don't feel like you

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