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By | February 13, 2019

KT Tape Lateral Knee Pain

For lateral knee pain which can be caused by a variety of factors, KT tape can offer support to that portion of the knee to help reduce pain. For this application I'll have you straighten your knee all the way down and have you tear off an Istrip off of the roll, tear the paper in the middle of the tape, and as you are applying stretch in this technique to the tape make sure you apply even pressure on the tape and not actually pinching the middle of the tape or one side or another. Just below the bottom portion of the kneecap I want you to lay the tape down with full stretch.

Then stretching that tape as you lay it down pinch off the tape really good right there, and then bend the knee up and you are going to lay the tape down without any tension it is important that you don't put any tension on the anchor (the same thing on the other side). (the same thing on the other side). Rub that tape on with the waxy side of the paper pretty vigorously so you get the glue to adhere. For lateral knee pain we will just indicate where that pain may be

by placing a dot right there. I am going to have you tear off a piece of blue tape making an Istrip. Tearing off the anchor at the logo end of the tape you are going to place this on the side of the knee where the pain is, about 23 inches above the site of pain, laying that anchor down. You are going to place this tape on full tension trying to get that right over the site of pain. Go ahead and lay that down with your hand.

The remainder of the tape lay down without any tension. Rub that on with the paper backing, create some friction for that tape to adhere to the skin.

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