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By | April 6, 2018

Causes of UTI Urinary Tract Infection Causes

causes of UTI urinary tract infection what are the causes of UTI how can you prevent and protect yourselffrom catching it urinary tract infection or UTI isaffecting almost four million people in the USA alone this is the urinary tract infectionwhich includes your bladder kidneys and ureters the most common infections are those ofthe urethra or bladder

if this is the data in just one countryyou can imagine the utmost need for people around the world to know whatcauses it as much as knowing how to cure or treat it prevented protect oneselffrom getting it infection in your urinary tract occurswhen bacteria enter your urethra then migrate up into your bladder andmultiply typically the E coli bacteria commonlyfound in humans cut is what causes bladder infections but when it comes to infections of theurethra STD or sexually transmitted

disease like remedial or herpes can alsocause the infections aside from E coli the danger of not knowing urinary tractinfection causes will leave you defenseless into developing an even moreserious condition how can that happen urinary tract infection may develop injapan trying to swim left untreated p.m. in Atlantis is a type of kidneyinfection which can permanently damage or kidney when the bacteria in yourbladder migrate up to your kidneys man or woman who is more at risk

women more than men are susceptible ofgetting UTI but both essentially need to know causes of urinary tract infection women's urethra is shorter than that ofman's and nearer to the anus versus the higher probability of getting theinfection women's sexual activity puts them in anincreased risk of getting the infection too another UTI causes include menopause women's urinary tract after menopause ismore vulnerable because of lower levels

of estrogen blockages of your urinary tract you are at risk of getting UTI if youare suffering from enlarged prostate or kidney stone as these block your urineflow an increased risk is seen for those whohave urinary catheter holding your urine over time allows thebacteria time to multiply rapidly since the urine is high in proteins andglucose symptoms you should not ignore

in any condition when symptoms persistit is best to consult a medical professional help for proper diagnosisand treatment here are some questions you must askyourself to know if what you are experiencing right now are UTI symptomsdo you feel burning pain while urinating is your urine bloody or cloudy do you feel pain in your lower back orabdomen women usually experience pelvic painwhile men experience rectal pain do you have this strong urge to emptyyour bladder often even after you have

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