Back Arthritis

By | January 8, 2018

Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief Lower Back Stretches for Arthritis Pain Relief

Hi! I am Monica. Another stretch I am goingto show you that can help with arthritis is going to be for your low back and your buttmuscles. So what you need to do is find a good spot on the floor or else the bed andgo ahead and lie on your back. What you want to do is just nice and relaxed you want topull starting with the right leg just pulling your knee to your chest as far as you comfortablycan. You can either have your hand over your knee or if that's kind of uncomfortable, rightunder. If you have arthritis in your knees, kind of crank in your knee joint, with yourhands on top, you might not feel good so you are just going to put right underneath justslowly pulling as far as you can. You should

feel a nice stretch in your butt, your lowerback and do the same thing with the other leg, holding it at about 3060 seconds andyou can also do it with both legs at the same time. So again you might want to be a littlecareful. You might want to lift one leg or the other just making sure you do not haveany problems. If you have low back problems, this might be a little bit hard for you tohandle. Again, holding about 3060 seconds.

Yoga Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief Back Arthritis Yoga Exercises

Now I am going to demonstrate how to do YogikPosture Paschimottanasana. Back bending. Stretching is very important. Your leg comfortable stretchand spread your hands need comfortable. Inhaling and exhaling time. Concentrate and eyes close.And this time you are exhale 20 times nonstop, just exhale. And after you are come back your position.Relax.In the back region, any impure energy is clean out very clearly, through this postures. Andgenerate pure consciousness in physical plain. A lot of pure energy generate through thispostures with the breathing. Breathing is very important, continuous 20 times exhale.So cleaning or awakening together happen.

At this posture since whole back region verywell elasticity can generate.

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