Arthritis Treatment Boots

By | June 6, 2017

How to make gelatin for joint pain

THINGS U WILL NEED ARE GELATIN CLEAR AND UNFLAVOURED TURMERIC POWDER half tbsp HONEY 1 tbsp you can any honey but organic work the most

COLD WATER half cup you can also make gelatin using orange juice gelatin 10 grm

now put ur gelatin in cold water and mix it really well there should be no lumps in it now put turmeric in it

the consistency should be like this

now put honey in it i put 1 tbsp u can put as much as u want and now it is ready keep it in room temperature for overnight and have this early morning before breakfast

for any question feel free to ask in the comment section down below in the morning u will find out that it is like slushee THANKS FOR WATCHING THE VIDEO

What is gonorrhea

Of the manysexually transmitted infections, or STIs, gonorrhea isthe second most common. The most common STI is chlamydia. Chlamydia, and we'll talkmore about chlamydia later. Right now, let's focuson gonorrhea and why these two happen together. These two diseases often occur together for two reasons.

First, they have similar risk factors, which include things like having multiple sexual partners andor having frequent unprotected sex. The other reason is thatinfection with one of these bugs makes your body susceptibleto a second infection by dampening the immune system. So I promise we'll go into more detail

about chlamydia later, butfor now let's talk more about gonorrhea. It's caused by a bug referredto as neisseria gonorrhoeae, and the reason why we callgonorrhea a sexually transmitted infection is because itundergoes this process referred to as transmission where it moves from one person to another by several mechanisms.

Most commonly, gonorrhea willbe transmitted through sex, which can include oral sex,vaginal sex, or even anal sex. Another important mechanismof transmission includes childbirth and we'll talk moreabout the outcomes of that in a minute, so theseare the main ways that gonorrhea can be transmitted. Let's move this off to theside and let's focus instead on my poor friend overhere who's going to have

all the different signs andsymptoms a person can get with gonorrhea. Now because we said themain way gonorrhea spreads from one person to the other is by sex, let's start by focusingon signs and symptoms at our sexual organs. So here you can see on theleft I have female genitalia drawn out and on the right side,

we have male genitalia drawn here. If we were to imagineour gonorrhea infection, so I'll use this as sortof a way to mimic gonorrhea as it spreads, perhapsyou can have a female infecting a male with gonorrhea and so, because the penis is used during sex, that can actually seedor spread up the urethra. This yellow line here,that is your urethra.

KT Tape Turf Toe

I'm Chris Harper and with me is Makayla and we are here to demonstrate anapplication for quot;Turf Toequot; quot;Turf toe� is pain at the base or undersideof the big toe. Some causes of this may be by overuse,running on hard surfaces, or constant overextension of the toe fromkneeling. KT Tape helps treat this condition byproviding stability and support while maintaining range of motion.

For this application we are going to placethe toe in an extension or dorsiflexion and that's bringing the toe towards the shin as much as is comfortable. And for our first full strip, we are goingto turn this into two long strips we are going to cut right down the middleof the tape. We are going to take one of those and weneed to produce about a third of a piece here

so we are just going to cut the short pieceoff the end. Ok, we are going to round the corners, just rounding the corners helps smooth out the corners obviously soit doesn't get caught on clothing such as taking socks or shoes off We are going to twist and tear the paperbacking and peel that backing being very carefulnot to touch the adhesive.

We are going to handle it with just the paper,we are going to run this right between the toes, we are going to place this on eightypercent stretch, so if you stretch it all the way out and thenback of just a little bit and put that just under the big toe, on that tendon. We aregoing to pinch off that on the sides of the big toe, and we're going to lay down the tailswith absolutely zero stretch. Same on both sides. Great, that's just so you don't create a tourniquetaround the toe. Give it a good friction rub just to make sureit

is adhering very well. We are going to take our remaining piece.We are going to round the corners, again it justhelps prevent the tape from getting caught on clothing.We're going to twist and tear, one end You're going to measure this back so theanchor point ends up just slightly behind the heel. Great! Now we're going to peel that paperbacking off Leaving a little paper on there just to handle

and we're going to apply this with absolutelyzero stretch right through the arch on the underside of the foot. Right when we getto the back of the big toe, we are going to apply ten percent stretch, and then easeoff the very end of it and lay that last bit down with absolutely zero stretch. Where the tape crosses over that first piece,we are going to it a really good friction rub just to make sure that's adhering well, aswell

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