All Joints Ache And Crack

By | June 10, 2017

Heres what happens to your knuckles when you crack them

Recognize this soundé If you pop or crackyour joints, you probably do. What happens to our joints when we crack themé And is itbad for youé Synovial fluid is this lubricantlike substance that's found in between your joints.It kind of looks like an egg yolk. So when you stretch out your joint, you are releasinggas, and that gas forms a bubble and it collapses and pops. In order to crack the same knuckleagain, you have to wait about 20 minutes for the gas to return back to that fluid. So howis that different from a pop you hear when you stand up quicklyé The sound you're probablyhearing then is the snapping sound tendons make when slide between muscles or over bones.When a joint moves, the tendon snaps quickly

over and it makes a popping sound. So is theknuckle cracking habit safeé Probably. Donald Unger was sort of a selfdescribed researcherwho chose to pop the joints in one of his hands for 60 years, but not the other one.And he wanted to find out if popping your knuckles would actually give you arthritis.After 60 years of doing it, he found that he didn't have any more arthritis in one handthan in the other. But there's still a chance it's not good for you. One 1990 did find thatcracking your knuckles over a long period of time led to hand swelling and decreasedscrip strength, but there hasn't been any followup research on that. So while crackingyour knuckles might not be bad for you, there's

still no guarantee that your popping habitwon't annoy the people around you.

People Get Their Bones Professionally Cracked

Oh! We're going to a chiropractor today to get our backs professionally popped. So I have never beento a chiropractor before. I have no idea what chiropractors do. As far as I know,chiropractors just kind of like jerk you around and putstuff back in place. I constantly have to massage my neck.

I just kind of havea constant stiff neck, and it's become my new normal, but I feel like that'sprobably not a good thing. I just turned 27 and Ifeel like I'm 40 years old. I'm Mike Mensah, and I'm a chiropractor here at Uplift Health and Wellness. Everybody sits in oneposition for a long period

of time, and they start to experience some kind of discomfort. So everybody who has a spine basically can really benefit from chiropractic treatment. Any tension or pain or anythingé Right here. Right thereé

patient Right there, yes. A lot of patients,we start off with some Easton pads, this is just a basic way of flushing out any kind of lactic acid. And the heat packs, what that does is steam, that is beingreleased, actually helps to get blood flow to the tissue. patient I might just take a nap.

I'll make sure you'reawake if you start snoring. Mensah Is that okay, felt goodé Yeah, that's something I've done before, but I've never done itwith also heat on it, and that was super relaxing. You're going to hearthat quick audible sound, that cracking sound, and that's just gas being released from the joint.

Take a nice deep breath in. Good, and then breathe out. I'm going to apply a little pressure. (bones cracking) How are you doingé Any painé patient No, not at all. Okay I just wanted to makesure everything is good.

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