Treatment For Osteoarthritis Hip Pain

By | February 28, 2018

Tutorial Explanation What is Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip Osteoarthritis is a debilitating chroniccondition caused by destruction of the cartilage within a joint.Healthy cartilage allows bones to move over one another by absorbing the impact of physicalmovement, acting as a cushion. The thinning of the cartilage causes the bones to eventuallybump against each other, causing pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility.A physical exam in imagining can help in point issue and assist with determining the appropriatetreatment. Medications such as non steroidal antiinflammatorydrugs are the first line of defense, along with exercises to strengthen the muscles aroundthe hip area as well as weight loss.

Hip replacement surgery is the final optionof all other techniques and treatment fails.

Osteoarthritis physical therapy doesnt work for hip oa

Got osteoarthritis in your hipé wantsto send you to physical therapy… maybe you should think twice… nextPhysical therapy failed to improve hip OA By: MARY ANN MOON, Rheumatology News DigitalNetwork Mary Ann Moon writing in Rheumatology Newsreported physical therapy incorporating manual therapy, exercise, patient education, andin some cases use of an assistive device for walking, failed to lessen pain or improvefunction in hip osteoarthritis beyond what was achieved with a sham therapy, accordingto a report published in JAMA. The multimodal active therapy, which was typicalof those used in al practice, also was

associated with significantly more adverseevents than the sham treatment, including hip pain, hip stiffness, back pain, and painin other bodily regions. quot;These results question the benefits of such a physical therapy programfor this patient population,quot; said Kim L. Bennell, Ph.D., foundation director and professor,centre for health, exercise and sports medicine, department of physiotherapy, Melbourne Schoolof Health Sciences, the University of Melbourne, and her associates.Comment: Now that is a surprise. However, there are some therapists such as Tony Rocklinin Oregon who are getting good results with traction devices.

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