Treatment For Labrador Arthritis

By | January 31, 2018

Dog Acupressure for Hip Dysplasia Dog Massage for Hip Dysplasia Sacrum

The other thing you want to do with a dysplasticdog is spend some time massaging in the sacrum, the area of the sacrum. Again, because ofthe hip dysplasia, the dog is going to carry the hips unevenly. Usually one side is lightlyworse than the other. It's going to be a little more painful, so that's going to throw theback out of alignment. And again, just massaging along the hips, you can use fingertips, circularmassage, all through this area just to loosen up, see how that skin all moves around. Ona dog with really bad dysplasia that's going to be very hard and tense, and as you workwith it, doing the circular motion with your fingertips all over the sacral area, you'regonna' see that loosen up and feel better.

And that's usually something you can do evenin very, very painful dog. It's something they'll enjoy, and they'll move into as you'retrying to do it. So it's definitely a good way to work with any dog with hip dysplasia,or with any leg problems, especially if one leg is being favored over the other. Somedogs you'll see will stand sort of tilted, one hip slightly higher than the other. Thoseare dogs who will do a lot of good by having a sacral massage.

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