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By | October 12, 2016

20 Lower Back Pain Relief Products The Deal Guy

Today, eliminate back pain under $25 bucks. (electronic music) Hi, I'm the YouTubedeal guy, Matt Granat. Welcome to your one stop shop for savings. You might know me from yourlocal TV station or USA Today where you also mightknow TV's Derrick.

Welcome back. Don't worry Rosalyn, we'regonna introduce you in a moment. Hug it up. Rosalyn, this beautifulwonderful floor director, I reached out to Derrick'cause I have back pain and you found something which we're gonna get to in a moment. Before we get to this deal, a reminder,

if you're not yet subscribed, click the Subscribe button yousee on your screen right now. You'll be signed up forhuge savings and good to go. We're also giving away threeamazing back protectors. Now these items whichsell on Sharper Image for as high as $90 bucks ormore are a complete steal today. Under $23 bucks, free shipping. The lumbar spine, thelow part of the back.

Most people slouch too much and it's not just about tryingto sit up nice and tall. It's the fact that they're pitch back because of so many chairs. If you wanna use somethinglike this cushion, there is some lumbar support which puts the tailboneforward a little bit, takes pressure off the back

by pushing the pelvisforward a little bit more. All of that means out ofback pain, feel regenerized, in comfort, and at the same time, you can actually even workyour abs while you're sitting. What absé Anyhow, enough about me. How does this feelé Do youeven notice a differenceé Oh, I definitely notice a difference.

It's super comfortable. I feel very supported and I feel like I'm in a great position. To be at home, to at work, it's great. Now Rosalyn is, as I mentioned, an amazing floor director. She keeps the studio running. You are on your feet all day long.

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Best Joint Pain Supplements Best Joint Pain Relief Products Supplements For Joint Pain.

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