Osteoarthritis Treatment Guidelines Canada

By | June 8, 2017

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Best Joint Pain Supplements Best Joint Pain Relief Products Supplements For Joint Pain.

Therapeutic Exercises for Hip Osteoarthritis Home Therapy

So let's go quickly through this part now. Dumb and smart strength, coordination, why are we exercisingé We want to get all this stuff back, righté Leg press is a dumb exercise. It's not dumb to do, we need to do some things like that. Athletes can do that. It's just that you don't have to think a whole lot, righté A single leg squat, where you can fall three hundred sixty degrees, that's a smart exercise. So you want to combine the dumb and the smart. Why do we exerciseé Shawshank Redemption down there. All right, I'm going to buzz through this. The main thing is some of these mobility things are going to look like stretches, like a butterfly stretch, an adductor stretch. Don't

crank on the nineteen year old, the super,hypermobile with a labral tear and just try to shred through adductors. It's not goingto feel very good, she's going to tone up. Same with hip flexors. In those people it's not a stretch, it's an encouragement. It's a maintenance. It's a, let's maintain stability to achieve this position. It's like a checkin. An apple a day keeps the away.You want to make sure that this person can maintain that. But they don't need to gainany more. Those people you want to look more at it's not tightness they're complaining about but they'll feel like they're tight, righté They'll say, quot;I'm really tightquot;, but I can stretch it, you can do Thomas and all these things and they're not tight at all.

They're just toning up. So you want to dothe antitone stuff, we'll show you that. These are my big four and we need to snack on these. If you stretch something once a day for an hour, you're wasting your time, righté If you eat fifteen sandwiches in the morning, drink a gallon of water and don't eat for the rest of the day, it doesn'treally work like that. You need to graze on these exercises throughout the day. You need to snack on these things. All right, so you want to sit on pillows in the beginning. This one, everyone with OA needs to be able to do this one. Now if you're really severe, you're not going to look very good. This position, start on pillows to decrease that impingement,

because they're going to complain about the groin, the crease pain. And then they can increase by having knees fall out more, feet being closer to them, being lower on the pillows or closer to the ground. But start with thirty seconds and have them increase it up to five minutes. They can do their nonjudgmental awareness, their meditation, whatever you wanted to do there. Two for one, that's fine. I can meditate for three seconds before .you can imagine. Then this is a tutorial just showing Jessica, and you can kind of listen to what I talk about later in there. To improve hipextension, to follow it up, that deep sea fishing, righté We want to make sure that after we mobilize them in the , after they've

mobilized themselves at home, we want to take up the slack. All of a sudden they'll say, quot;My other side feels like that stretched somewhere in the front. This side feels like that stretch plus something else.quot; And that's their joint capsule, that's their irritation. All of a sudden, over the month, they're like, quot;Hey, I feel like more of a normal stretch.quot; Have them do both sides to have a real good comparison and when they feel themselves getting more normalized, it's sold. You don't even haveto compliance is not a problem. Compliance is a problem if you say, quot;You need to do this three hours a day, six times a day.quot; You can't do that. If you snack and don't even count it. Just randomly, just do it whenever you feel like it on

the snacks, the stretches. Strengthening is a different story, they're going to have to commit to a dedicated time on that. So here's Jessica doing that internal rotation stretch. They've got to walk that foot out. They're still going to be a little bit of spinal rotation there but if they walk that foot out, that's going to put enough stress on the internal rotation. They can't tie their shoes, they can't put on their socks,they can't bring that knee up. So you start by just snacking on using the strap and just coming up to their shin. Go to that pain, that one to three out of ten pain, hold it a littlewhile, ten to thirty seconds, go back down. Some people you'll say do three for thirty,some people you'll say do ten for ten.

Winning Strategies for Back Pain Disability Cases

Hi there, this is Jonathan Ginsberg and today I'd like to talk to you about how I approach a case where the primaryimpairment is back pain As you might expect SocialSecurity judges see a lot of back pain cases its probably the mostcommon physical ailment that Social Security judges are going to see and as such you really need to keep in mind that you've got to stand out a little bit because

a lot of people come in withosteoarthritis and pain in their lower back and again because judges see it sooften how they tend to sometimes discount the severity of it and whether in fact it is truly disabling. Further you have to realize and this issomething you probably wouldn't think about, but it's actually the case

some of the judges that I've beenin front of have actually had back surgery because again back problems are prettycommon in the population and of course a lot of these judges have very goodinsurance they have physical therapy afterwards, they have good s and soforth and so their recovery might be more uneventful than yours. Again, a judge is not doing physical labor

and again he has got typically real goodhealth care. If you've done physical labor or if your health care is not as good youdon't have access to physical therapy or or medication or as much follow up then you may not have gotten the same resultsas the judge but again the judge who's deciding your case is looking at yousaying quot;I went through the same surgery and I'm fine. You know I can't play basketball anymore but but I can play golf and I can do a lot of different thingsquot; and

he or she you may feel likewell you know I've recovered how why can't youé And, again, that's just human nature but just beaware of it. I'm not saying that makes the judge not sympathetic to you butjust be aware that you need to do something to stand out a little bit andshow the judge that your situation is one that did not resolve as easily as his or hers may have. I think that when you deal withback pain cases like in any Social Security case

number one you want to emphasize ifyou've got a long work history. I think this is a factor that you may not think about but this is i think a factor that many judges find it very verycompelling. If you have a long consistent workhistory where you've been in a job, you've performed admirably at the job you've madegood money at the job. people don't give up good jobs and opportunity for retirement, a pleasant retirement, to collect $1,500 or

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