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By | June 6, 2018

Osteoarthritis cilia cartilage treatment oa

Hairy treatment for osteoarthritis… nextManipulating the Primary Cilia Promises New Treatments for Osteoarthritis Reported in Pulse, this item…In astudy published in the journal FASEB, scientists show that medical manipulation of the primarycilia, tiny hairlike structures protruding from the surface of most human cells, disruptsa key biological process called ‘Hedgehog Signalling'. The study reveals lithium chloride,a drug often used to treat bipolar disorder, can enlarge the size of primary cilia in severalcell types. The study is the first to use a new stateof the art super resolution imaging technique

– structural illumination microscopy (SIM)to observe detailed images of how the drug affects the structure of primary cilia. Theyexposed human and bovine cartilage cells to varying doses of lithium chloride over a 24hour period and recorded the length of the primary cilia and the activation of HedgehogSignalling. “Scientists are beginning to realize thatprimary cilia, which were once thought to be irrelevant are actually involved in a numberof key biological processes,� Coauthor Professor Martin Knight from Queen Mary'sSchool of Engineering and Materials Science and the Institute of Bioengineering, explains.“Previous studies from our group demonstrate

how the length of primary cilia play a rolein stem cell differentiation, and this current study provides further insight.�Comment: Hairy indeed.

Knee osteoarthritis arthroscopy doesnt work for knee oa

The orthopedic surgeon says you need a kneearthroscopy for your arthritis. Should you do ité The answer next. Arthroscopy of the knee joint for arthrosis:No benefit detectable Reported in Medical Xpress, this article…The benefit of therapeutic arthroscopy with lavage and possible debridement for the treatmentof arthrosis of the knee joint is not proven. There was no hint, indication or proof ofbenefit of therapeutic arthroscopy in comparison with nonactive comparator interventions,e.g. sham surgery, for any patientrelevant outcome. From the active comparator therapies,only the injection of glucocorticoids into

the knee joint produced worse results thanarthroscopy for the outcome quot;global assessment of the symptoms of gonarthrosisquot;. This was the result of the final report publishedby the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) on 12 May 2014. A newstudy, in which strengthening exercises under the supervision of a physical therapist wereused as comparator therapy, did not change this assessment. Comment: This is confirmation of earlier studiesdone in the U.S. demonstrating the lack of benefit of this procedure for osteoarthritisof the knee.

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