Osteoarthritis Pain Relief Tablets

By | June 4, 2017

How to Treat Osteoarthritis

My name is Troy Giles. I am a ofChiropractic and a Natural Internist. Today I want to talk to you a little bit about osteoarthritis,or degenerative arthritis. A picture of that on this slick is pretty cool. I am going toshow you this. This actually just sticks to the wall. See thaté That is really cool. Osteoarthritisis a degenerative arthritis, where the joint actually starts to decay, usually from trauma,or from overuse. Osteoarthritis is that of old age, if you will. However, it can startin the our younger ages as well. Trauma, in the form of football injuries, or slips andfalls, or car accidents, injure a usually healthy, normal cartilage. When that becomesinjured, then there are different inflammatory

states. Chemicals that are released withinour body that start to irritate and cause inflammation, trying to heal the area. Butgenerally speaking it creates weakness and overall degeneration, where this cartilagehere, starts to wear down and become like this, to where you have bone on bone and justwhere all that good cartilaginous tissue has been lost and irritated and degenerated. Soin the spine it looks similar to this. This is where the disc space is that holds thosevertebrae apart. It starts to degenerate. Over time the disc space diminishes and nowthe hole that used to be there, that used to be open, that would allow the nerve rootor part of the spine. Lets say this rod is

a spinal cord and it runs down the centerof the vertebrae. At various areas there are places where nerve roots actually exit thespine and go out and go to an organ. When this joint space here becomes diminished ordegenerated, the actual hole starts to diminish and now you are having inflammatory statesand inflamation and degeneration of the nerve root as well. So now you start to have organdisfunction. You start to have pain in the joints, down the legs and so forth. That isthe reason why people come in and see me generally. Chiropractically speaking it is because ofthe pain. Now on xray, of an actual person here, you can see that this space here, thisdark space, so this space here, this space

is diminished. You can see the front and youcan see the that there is a bone spur off the front, one here off the back as well.That is degeneration. More than likely, she was in a whiplash injury. In fact, she was.This area here became irritated. It became inflamed and started to degenerate. The veryexact same thing that has happened over her. Over time these will start to degenerate.The s and orthopedists around here in Bountiful have seen some amazing things aseither over use or traumatic. I would suggest always traumatic is what starts the inflammationand then the inflammation many times does not go away. Because of the amount of sugarsthat we eat, sugar is inflammatory and it

continues that process moving and degenerating.So the idea is to be able to stop that. We do that through chiropractic adjusting. Wedo that through the changing of the diet, taking specific nutrients that will help.I have just brought on a supplement here called Arthroben. Arthroben helps to give nutrientsand it is a powder that we give the patient, that they take every day that will actuallyhelp to repair and start to strengthen, shutting down the inflammation and giving specificnutrients to the joint capsule, to start to repair those joint surfaces, so they can becomestronger again. Same thing in the spine. We want to be able to do that. So we want toget a better position. Let me just take you

over here for a minute. I want to show youthis space. Each nerve root, I have explained this before, but each nerve root exits thevertebrae and runs down to an organ. So if we touch, for example, C7, you can see howthe energy passes down the arms. So many times patients come in and they say quot;Hey, I havegot numbness and tingling in my hands.quot; Well, we can do a nerve conduction velocity testto find out if these nerves are being affected anywhere down the vertebrae, or we can lookat it and see what is happening. Is there space between the vertebrae where these nerveroots are being irritated and shutting down the energyé What's more important to me isthe pain that the patient is having is not

Osteoarthritis vs rheumatoid arthritis treatments

The basic treatmentsfor rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis come at itfrom very different angles. I think the key phrasefor rheumatoid arthritis would be to control. Shorthand here. Control it and reduce inflammation. Remember, this is an autoimmune disease, so the inflammation comes

from our own immunesystem attacking the body. So if we can temper down this, oops, that's not a parentheses, if we can temper down this inflammation, then we'll really get tothe source of the problem. But of course we treat thesymptoms of pain as well. And then on this side for osteoarthritis, which is the wearandteardegeneration of the cartilage,

our dogma here is gonna be pain control. Pain control. And as a bonus, we wannawork on health in general, the general state of health, and increasing the functionand decreasing the symptoms. Okay, under these verydifferent umbrellas, we can only look at one at a time, on the rheumatoid arthritis side,

we have a class of drugscalled, it's conveniently named, quot;DiseaseModifying Antirheumatic drugs.quot; So, disease, this is gonna be a long name. Diseasemodifying. So this tells you that itnot only treats the symptoms, but it also modifies the process, the progression, of thedisease on the joint. So modifying antirheumatic,

because when these were first produced, they were used to treatrheumatoid arthritis. But today, they're actuallyused to treat all kinds of autoimmune diseases as well. So I wanna point out thatthere are many different kinds of drugs that fall under this category. I'm just gonna put differentX's instead of the names. And the fact that they allhave different mechanisms.

So they don't actuallyattack, or try to temper down, the inflammation at the same place. And what puts them together is the fact that they not onlytreat the immune system, or decrease the inflammation, but this diseasemodifying part tells us that this group of drugs decreases joint damage.

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