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By | October 18, 2018

3 Steps to Permanent Relief for SI Joint and Pelvic Pain

Today we are going to cover the 3 steps topermanent relief for pelvic and SI joint pain. Now what is SI joint painé The SI joint, ifyou do have SI joint pain, is pain on either side of the tailbone where the tailbone connectsto the pelvis. So this is a drawing of the pelvis. This is your tailbone. This isyour lumbar spine or your lower back, the bones in your lower back called vertebraesitting on top of your tailbone. Then on either side of that you have your right hip or yourleft hip if we are looking at a person from the front. When we see somebody with SI jointpain, they will typically have pain on that given side. 70% of the time, it is on theright side. Don't ask me why that is but

70% of the time we know it is on the right. You canalso get shooting groin pain, buttocks pain and symptoms down the outside of the leg thatis affected. It might be pain, numbness, tingling, burning. Typically, that personsuffers from a heaviness as well. It can also cause some incontinence and leaking issuesas along to effect sexual performance as well. It can be absolutely devastating ifthe pelvic problem is bad enough. Fortunately, most people just have pain on one side. Sowhat can you do about ité That person who has SI joint problems typically has troublerolling over in bed, getting in and out of a car, crossing one leg over the other. Usuallythey have trouble sitting for long periods

of time especially if it is on a couch or a softsurface. So it can be absolutely devastating. Now what are the steps to permanent relieffor thaté Number 1 is this. Most people when we seethem if they are going to try exercises on their own and they only have a little bitof SI joint pain or pelvic pain, they are doing stretches. Yes, there is a very basic stretchwhich most people show me on Day 1. It is a piriformis stretch which is where you grabthe knee and pull it up and across to the opposite shoulder. It will give the personwho suffers pelvic or SI joint problems and pain temporary relief. However, long termwe don't want to stretch. We want to

strengthen or stabilize. Why is thaté Whensomebody has an SI joint problem, so the center of gravity of your entire body is inthe center of your pelvis. That needs to move the right way and it needs to be stable whenyou are doing day to day activities. If it is not stable enough, what will happen is thejoint will move so far that it becomes stuck. So if we are looking at the tailbone, we havethe tailbone and we have the pelvis and you get a normal gliding day to day. If morestress, more force is put through the pelvis than the pelvis itself can handle, that SIjoint can handle, what will happen is you actually become stuck. Now that creates allsorts of problems for the muscle around it.

What most people do is try to stretch theirway out of it. The problem is not stretching and it is not flexibility. It is actuallya stability issue. If we want to stabilize, we need to do strengthening exercises. If you go on ourYouTube channel, on the Madden PT official YouTube channel, there is a tutorialcalled Top 3 Exercises for SI Joint and Pelvic Stability. They are very low grade, kindergartenlevelexercises where you can at least begin stabilizing the muscles that controlyour pelvis. But we don't want to stretch, we want to think stabilize. Step 2 is we want to take a look at our habits.So what are some habits that lead to

pelvic instability and problemsé Number oneis standing with the weight shifted. So if I'm standing like this with my weight shiftedside to side for long periods of time, what that does is over years and years and yearsit weakens the ligaments which are tissue that hold joints together that we can't control.Think about somebody with an ankle sprain. They sprained a ligament. They stretchedthe ligament but it is not a muscle. It is different than a muscle. There are littlehabits that we do. If I stand like this and let's say I weigh 175 pounds and if I'm standinglike this, I have 150 pounds on one side and 25 pounds on the other. Where if I'm standingbalanced, I have 87 ½ pounds on each

Another treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee

Another treatment for osteoarthritis of thekneeé MRGuided Focused Ultrasound for the Managementof Osteoarthritic Knee Pain A Japanese study published in BMC MusculoskeletalDisorders and reported in Medscape showed that local bone denervation by MRguided focusedultrasound has been demonstrated as a promising tool for pain relief of bone metastases. Eightpatients with medial knee pain and eligible for total knee replacement were included.MRguided focused sonication treatments were applied the target sites. The pain intensityduring walking was assessed on a 100 mm visual analog scale (VAS) before and after treatment.Six patients showed immediate pain alleviation

after treatment, and four of them demonstratedlonglasting effect at 6month follow up. There were no adverse side effects or complicationsduring and after treatment. Comment: This therapy is promising and innovative.It's a pretty small sample size though.

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today we have art he is here to have hisknees injected hell elevenhour 2012 so visibly getting worse over the years forfive years usually have space between the bones of the upper leg and lower legthat the femoral condyle the femur in the tibial condyle normally have thespace but on your media were inside legs there is no space it's touching itsosteoarthritis the normal little club cartilaginous distance there is just onedown gone so we're going to give you an injection into this the new joint spacewhile your legs are hanging there now you have to have this is kind ofinteresting yeah you do have a little a

polo or fibrous growth that's kind of inthe way of those the way we normally would approach the melee see if I canget above it and you know what we're going to go we're gonna go above it so Ican be a problem what is compatible chloride and it's it's only job is toyou evaporate as it evaporates and thingsvery very very cool so allows you to see his agency is finding my place next tothe teller tendon underneath the patella on into the new enjoying barely barelyok some put in a lot of anesthetic goes on very easily because we're not inattendance

or something we shouldn't put in thecortisone methylprednisolone as we're using an issue with you know I couldbarely see that's why I'm going to give a shot right there also smoothly are youdoing with this one and then i and then lots of Minnesota because in aestheticsgood and this is what's going to give us the immediate results so I'd like tohave you right now to get off the table on your feet and show us how you movebefore and it doesn't have this relief that allows you to walk without pain nowinstead of course off it goes back to her like he did in the next days to nomore than a couple weeks record and

kicks in we may have to repeat this wecan repeat it once every four months and then we really do need to refer to thesurgeon if not adequate at that point eventually get the relief from formaltime to talk about other option and they are coming out with new treatments forit questions you have no I don't disgustedI do need you it's very unlikely would not have happened but keep an eye outfor signs of affection if there's increasing pain redness swelling fever great pain with moon the joint we'venever seen it but those are things to

look out for that can help we can dothis joining art myself until next time said Mark Bunn telling you just a good health.

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