Knee Pain Lyme Disease Symptoms

By | June 6, 2017

Lyme knee effusion Lyme

Swollen knee. No apparent cause. Watch next…Spontaneous knee effusion may be a symptom of Lyme diseaseReported in Healio, a study published in the J Am Acad Orthop Surg… Spontaneous kneeeffusion can be a primary symptom of Lyme disease, even without the presence of otherprimary symptoms, according to results of a literature review.Researchers of the review noted knee effusion in patients with Lyme disease may appear inthe early disseminating stage or in the late disseminating stage as part of Lyme arthritis.Lyme arthritis is developed by 60% of patients with untreated Lyme disease and can lead topermanent joint damage.

Comment: In our area, Maryland, Lyme diseaseis pretty common.

Feeling Worse After Treatment Maybe Its Not Lyme Disease

quot;I was always a healthy person. Always in the gym. Still am, when I can. And anytime something cameup, I was apt to see a because I always wanted tomake sure I was healthy. That's the gold of life. That's better than any wealthyou can have is your health.quot; quot;I had a lot of medicalprofessionals confused

with my health condition.quot; quot;I was feeling likesevere headaches, severe migraines,arthritis symptoms. I had a bilateral carpaltunnel syndrome release, which was unsuccessful. So he sent me to a Lymedisease specialist. quot; quot;He felt that itwas Lyme disease. I did the treatments and hewas getting ready to put me

on an intravenous pump forantibiotic treatment and that's when I started goingblind in my right eye. And that's when I thought, 'Wellmaybe this ain't Lyme disease, maybe this is something else.quot; quot;Come to find out, what I thought was Lymedisease it wasn't.quot; quot;I went to a neurologist and Iconsulted with an eye surgeon and that's when I wentfor an MRI and they saw

that I had a golf ball sizedtumor on my pituitary gland, which was crushing bothhemispheres of the brain and was wrappingaround the optic nerve. quot; quot;It kind of mademe feel disappointed because you would thinkthat a lot of people in these positionswould have grasped it or picked up on it sooner. But instead they felt thatit was all in my head.

And come to find out it wasIt was the size of a golf ball and it was a tumoron the pituitary.quot; quot;They removed approximately90% of the tumor and the medicationI'm on now helps to keep the growthhormone levels in check. If I would have been diagnosedsooner, I could have went on medication and shrunk itall together without surgery.quot; quot;I wouldn't want tosee someone else going

through the same thingthat I'm going through. I mean, I'm still here. But there's days when I can doeverything and anything and days where I can't evenget out of bed and if I was diagnosedsooner, I wouldn't be going through what I'mgoing through now.quot; quot;I have three childrenand a wonderful wife and I'm lucky to be here still.quot;

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