Knee Osteoarthritis Presentation

By | November 18, 2018

Who Is A Candidate For Knee Replacement

Osteoarthritis of the knee is extremely common,but osteoarthritis is the loss of the cushioning where the cartilage that exists between theend of the femur or the thigh bone and the top of the shin bone or the tibia. Normally, we have a large space in the kneejoint which is occupied by that cartilage, which serves as a cushion so our knees glideeasily and painlessly throughout our activities. As we age or because of trauma or prior meniscustear, that cartilage will wear away and become thin, arthritis will result. Arthritis unfortunately,is by nature, progressive. What are your treatment optionsé

Frequently, I am asked, “Do I need a kneereplacementéâ€�. I will then turn to you and ask “Do you feel you need a knee replacementéâ€�.A knee replacement is geared to the treatment of osteoarthritis. It will resurface at theend of your knee and eliminate the arthritic portions of the end of the femur and the topof the tibia. Therefore, we are treating pain and if weare treating pain that means that it really is ultimately your decision if the knee replacementis necessary. We treat patients, not xray findings. I have seen patients with minimal arthritison xray yet their lives are horribly affected

because of it. They may benefit from a kneereplacement choose to proceed with one. I have seen knees that are hardly deformed yetthe person is sitting quite comfortably in my office, ambulating well with their caneand quite happy with the way that Tylenol or other medications work to alleviate theirpain and, thus, they did not believe that their quality of life is poor enough to requireknee replacement. What I am getting at is simply this: the decisionto ahead with a knee replacement is a quality of lifebased decision, it is up to you. Doyou feel that the pain that you are having because of the arthritis is significantlyaffecting your quality of life and are you

ready to incur or take on the risks associatedwith a knee replacement.

Knee Replacement Surgery Alternatives

you've been diagnosed withosteoarthritis of the meeting what are your treatment options youtreatment options in the initial stages includes medications and i can be theantiinflammatory class as well as powerful usually a position with will ice andused for course of physical therapy as well the stronger the muscles around your legis typically the less pain that you have arthritic knees contrary the popular orlike to move we don't want you sitting

just uh. resting on a couch if the oral medications and physicaltherapy themselves are not enough we then move on to injectable forms ofmedications that conclude cortisone steroids to diminish inflammation andswelling or a new class of medications which act as a cushion uh. once does medications house startedfallow then we move on to the circle consideration

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