Knee Osteoarthritis Cure

By | June 4, 2017

Another treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee

Another treatment for osteoarthritis of thekneeé MRGuided Focused Ultrasound for the Managementof Osteoarthritic Knee Pain A Japanese study published in BMC MusculoskeletalDisorders and reported in Medscape showed that local bone denervation by MRguided focusedultrasound has been demonstrated as a promising tool for pain relief of bone metastases. Eightpatients with medial knee pain and eligible for total knee replacement were included.MRguided focused sonication treatments were applied the target sites. The pain intensityduring walking was assessed on a 100 mm visual analog scale (VAS) before and after treatment.Six patients showed immediate pain alleviation

after treatment, and four of them demonstratedlonglasting effect at 6month follow up. There were no adverse side effects or complicationsduring and after treatment. Comment: This therapy is promising and innovative.It's a pretty small sample size though.

Knee osteoarthritis arthroscopy doesnt work for knee oa

The orthopedic surgeon says you need a kneearthroscopy for your arthritis. Should you do ité The answer next. Arthroscopy of the knee joint for arthrosis:No benefit detectable Reported in Medical Xpress, this article…The benefit of therapeutic arthroscopy with lavage and possible debridement for the treatmentof arthrosis of the knee joint is not proven. There was no hint, indication or proof ofbenefit of therapeutic arthroscopy in comparison with nonactive comparator interventions,e.g. sham surgery, for any patientrelevant outcome. From the active comparator therapies,only the injection of glucocorticoids into

the knee joint produced worse results thanarthroscopy for the outcome quot;global assessment of the symptoms of gonarthrosisquot;. This was the result of the final report publishedby the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) on 12 May 2014. A newstudy, in which strengthening exercises under the supervision of a physical therapist wereused as comparator therapy, did not change this assessment. Comment: This is confirmation of earlier studiesdone in the U.S. demonstrating the lack of benefit of this procedure for osteoarthritisof the knee.

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