Knee Arthritis Rehab

By | February 14, 2019

Physical Therapy Exercises for the Knees Range of Motion Physical Therapy Exercises for Knees

Hi! My name is Monica and I'm going to startoff by taking you through some knee range of motion exercises. Range of motion is justsimply bending and straighten the joints as much as you possibly can without any pain.I do want to let you know to that if your knee is popping or cracking or clicking atall during this or any of the other exercises, that is usually fine. Most knees do pop andcrack but if you are experiencing any pain while doing this, that is a problem. So whatI want you to do is get comfortable. Knees need to be bent. You are going to work onright leg first which you are going to start off with the knee straight on the floor andthen I want you to slide a little all the

way back as far as you can and then rightback out again. You could see that I took my shoe off, it is a little bit easier ifyou have either just your socks or barefoot so that way your shoes are not trying to dragacross the ground. It is just simply bending the knee up, straightening it, bending, straightening.

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