Joint Pain Swelling And Hives

By | November 30, 2016

AntiInflammatories Ginger and Turmeric

Ginger and turmeric are powerful natural antiinflammatoryagents and you want to find out how to get more of them into you. Ginger is relativelyeasy because we are familiar with that and not only can you add it as a spice to foodand you can eat crystalized ginger as a snack. One of my favorite sweet things is eatingdark chocolate with a minimum of 70 percent cocoa in it and some people find that toobitter, I can actually eat up to 85 percent chocolate but higher than that is too bitterfor me, but sometimes if you eat chocolate with a piece of crystalized ginger, that isa very delicious combination. You can also take powered ginger in capsules and we recommendthat to patients with inflammatory conditions.

Turmeric is extremely interesting, it is reallythe hottest medicinal herb studied now and a very powerful antiinflammatory agent, anticanceragent, it looks as if it reduces risk of Alzheimer's disease probably because of its antiinflammatoryeffect. Indians eat turmeric at every meal and India has the lowest rate of Alzheimer'sdisease in the world and some people think that is due to the high concentration of turmeric there are some animal studies supporting that. That one we have more difficulty with,but the main way we get turmeric is in the form of America yellow mustard, which is mostlya turmeric preparation, and it has relatively little mustard in it. I used to think thatwas one of the worst things America gave the

world along with our bread and beer, but itturns out it is one of the best turmeric preparations. Other than that, it's the main thing in currypowder and it makes curry yellow. You want to find out how to get more turmeric intoyou. One of the physicians in our program was a woman from India who was a very goodcook and she suggests trying to add a level teaspoon of powered turmeric to soups andstews and bean dishes. She says that amount will not be a difficult flavor and it goesvery well so that is one thing to try.

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