Hip Arthritis Symptoms

By | December 29, 2017

What are the signs and symptoms of Hip OA

The signs and symptoms of hip osteoarthritis are pain around the hip joint and pain can refer down the leg and you can have pain in the lower back as well. You'll get a lot of stiffness so when you first get out of a chair or inthe mornings when you've been lying down, it's really hard to walk in the beginning. You'llhave a lot of weakness around your lower back and hips so you'll start to see people walking with a limp as the disease progresses. there's just, there's different levels of severity: you can have mild, moderate, severe, so some people with minor arthritis may not even know it and they just think they have a stiff hip. Individuals when it gets to that end stageright before joint replacement surgery, they

can be slightly bent over, with their leg turned out and there is this severe limp and a lean with that. So it's a really painful condition.It affects a lot of people in the US. There about, probably about 20 million people inthe US alone that suffer some amount, some form of hip osteoarthritis.

Tutorial Explanation What is Hip Osteoarthritis

Hip Osteoarthritis is a debilitating chroniccondition caused by destruction of the cartilage within a joint.Healthy cartilage allows bones to move over one another by absorbing the impact of physicalmovement, acting as a cushion. The thinning of the cartilage causes the bones to eventuallybump against each other, causing pain, stiffness, and loss of mobility.A physical exam in imagining can help in point issue and assist with determining the appropriatetreatment. Medications such as non steroidal antiinflammatorydrugs are the first line of defense, along with exercises to strengthen the muscles aroundthe hip area as well as weight loss.

Hip replacement surgery is the final optionof all other techniques and treatment fails.

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