Arthritis Treatment Update

By | June 7, 2017

Natural Treatments for Arthritis

Hey, guys. Axe here, of naturalmedicine and founder of DrAxe . In this tutorial, I'm going to share with you the topnatural treatments for arthritis. Arthritis is something that affects a lot of people.Especially rheumatoid arthritis is really autoimmune in nature and actually starts inyour gut, which is surprising to a lot of people. So I'm going to really share withyou these natural arthritis treatments that are effective in terms of diet and supplementsand the things you want to stay away from. The first thing I want to talk about is thearthritis diet you should be following, is it should be antiinflammatory. Here are thetop foods you should be consuming. Number

one, omega3 rich foods. Omega3 fatty acidsare going to reduce inflammation. Wildcaught salmon or wildcaught fish is your numberone food of choice. After that, for omega3 fats, things like grassfed beef, along withflaxseeds, chia seeds, and walnuts. So again, you can do a healthy snack like some walnutsand raisins, wildcaught salmon for dinner, put some flax or chia seeds in a morning superfood shake, but get those omega3 fatty acids. The second thing you want to do dietwiseis consume foods that are high in sulfur, and sulfur contains something called a formof MSM that reduces joint inflammation and helps rebuilding your tissues. The top foodsthat are high in sulfur are going to be onions,

garlic, asparagus, and cabbage. So you cando saut�ed cabbage with some garlic, do some onions in with some grassfed burger,of course, asparagus as a side dish or any sort of cabbage or coleslaw or sauerkraut,even better, but get those sulfurrich foods. They help reduce arthritis symptoms. The next thing you want to be adding in isbone broth. Bone broth is loaded with a form of collagen that contains the amino acidsproline and glycine, and both proline and glycine help rebuild tissues. So especiallyif you have any type of degeneration or you have any sort of, not just inflammation, butdegeneration of the joint, we know that bone

broth works great. So again, that's goingto be making a homemade bone broth soup is great for healing your joints. Last, but not least, lots of fruits and veggies.Fruits and veggies are packed with enzymes and antiinflammatory compounds. Some of thebest include papaya, which contains papain, pineapple which contains bromelain, and othersort of raw fruits and vegetables are fantastic. That should make up the bulk of your diet.It should be organic omega3rich meats, healthy vegetables, healthy fruits, and some nutsand seeds like flax, chia, and walnuts. Now, here's what you want to stay away from.Number one is excess sugar. Excess sugar causes

inflammation. Also hydrogenated oils, soybeanoil, cottonseed oil, even canola oil, those are inflammatory oils. Stay away from those.Also certain grains like gluten. Consuming conventional grains, flour products, and wheatproducts will cause joint inflammation and make arthritis worse. So for that reason,on your arthritis diet, you want to stay completely away from those foods if you want to starthealing arthritis. One other sort of food, you can look this up, if you're a very sensitiveperson, you have severe autoimmune disease, sometimes nightshade vegetables will contributeto arthritis symptoms as well. Now, here are the best supplements in thenatural treatment of arthritis. Number one

is a fish oil supplement. I recommend 1,000milligrams a day of a highquality fish oil. Number two, turmeric. Doing about 1,000 milligramsa day of turmeric or curcumin, it's a very powerful anti inflammatory herb. Now, youcan take turmeric and sprinkle that on your food, and that works great as well. But actually,taking it as a supplement can be very effective in the natural treatment of arthritis. Number three super food or super supplementyou should be using is actually proteolytic enzymes. Proteolytic enzymes like bromelain,these are something that you take on an empty stomach, are probably, along with fish oil,the most effective thing you can do to get

How to Treat Arthritis Naturally

Hello, my name is Troy Giles. I'm a of Chiropractic and today we're going to talk about arthritis, which is just a huge issue.Most of us end up getting some kind of arthritis as we get older. Most everybody thinks wellI got arthritis. It's a disease. It's something that I caught. I've got arthritis. It's nowthis big thing. When there's various types of arthritis and the number one that I see,the number one type of arthritis that I see is degenerative arthritis. And you know whatlet's go ahead and come over here. Tyler let's just see what we've got here. This would represent,or this is a patient with scoliosis and you can see how there's a curvature here. Whathappens when there's malposition, malpositioning

of the vertebrae, either misaligned vertebraeor scoliotic curvature, is you're going to have degenerative change. It's going to degenerateautomatically. There's nothing else you can do about it. But the degeneration takes placein the areas of concavity right. This is a convex over here. This is concave here. Sothere's more pressure where it compresses in here versus over here. These areas willdegenerate and that's degenerative arthritis. According to Wolf's law, that's a law we learnedin medical school. Wolf determined that the body will put calcium down in areas wherethere's pressure, like a bunion. You'll start to get a bunion or deposition of calcium intoa joint. A bunion happens to be on the big

toe, because of malpositioning of the foot,usually in pronation, that means the ankle's dropping over. That causes a lot of pressureon that big joint of the big toe and deposition of calcium will start to take place there.Now you've got a bunion. Same thing is happening over here, where there's compression, you'regoing to start to have a deposition of calcium and there will start to be bone spurs, stalactite,if you will, of bone that will start to come off those areas. That's why it's so vitallyimportant to make sure that your spine works, that it is moving, that there's no areas thatare stuck. That's what we do with the Pro Adjuster and regular adjusting as chiropractors,is we see where those areas are stuck. Then

we're able to adjust them using the Pro Adjusteror regular adjusting and they will start to move. When they get stuck, when it doesn'tmove the way that it should, degeneration will take place. So that's one type of arthritis,is that degenerative arthritis. Another type of arthritis, let's go back over here again.Let's just move here. Another type of arthritis is the type when you have leaky gut syndrome.You're saying leaky gut syndrome, why would that create inflammation in my jointsé Wellwe notice here, this is a pretty good, you know what, before we go here, let's come uphere. Tyler, I'm going to hold this little picture up here. What this is is intestinalhealth. These were made by a company called

Metagenix, great company. What this showshere is the integrity of the colon and how good it is as far as, these are nice and tight.These fissures are nice and tight. The good bacteria, there's plenty of the good bacteriaall around. The villi, these little fingers that absorb the nutrients, they're good andstrong, a good count of them. Where here, this is leaky gut syndrome. We've discussedthis in previous issues, but leaky gut syndrome is where these large toxins or large fissuresallow these toxins to pass through the colon and subsequently into the system. Also, youget various layers of infection like fungus, bacteria, parasites, and those can also translocateor go through these holes and now subsequently

into the system. Now I'm going to come overhere, well actually I'll just pull this one off the wall. This would represent then twopictures. This is healthy function. This is abnormal function. If you look right here,a lot of toxins are coming through the colon and what's happening is it's, normally what'shappening is you're getting fat soluble toxins turning into an intermediate, intermediateto water, and then out the kidney as water soluble. That's how you should function. Overhere there's a lot of toxins passing through the liver. The liver gets overwhelmed. Itcan't handle it anymore and the fatsoluble toxins don't conjugate. They don't come outthe kidney. They end up instead going to the

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